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    That Dio is looking amazing! have you done any work on the three figures for it?

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    Hi people,

    I made some progress during the weekend.

    First by adding moss on the bridge and rocks:

    Then adding grass and some details in the river bed:

    Now it' time to add some bushes and plants.

    @ekipage: for now I just primed and zenital highlight them. I'll start painting them this week.

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    I started working on the minis for this project.

    At first I though it would be a good idea to work on the three at the same time.
    And It was effective during priming and working with th airbrush to lay down the base of the skin.

    But as soon as I started using brush, I quickly decided to only work on one at a time.
    I'm definitively not an army painter, and working on several minis at a time doesn't suit me.

    I started adding some bushes and plants to the dio too.

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    This looks wonderful! Love everything about it- what did you use for the vines? Just garden picking?

    and the minis are looking good, wonderful start to the flesh tones!

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    Man oh man you are an ambitious bloke!!! Great project t mate.very impressive!!!

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    Thanks guys!

    @sik: For the vines I used Naturex fine savanna green from Polak (ref 9011):
    [ polak scenics . uk ] (can't post the link it is seen as spam :/)

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    Small update on the first mini.

    The metal parts are a little too shiny at the moment, but I plan to make a second pass on it later on to add rust.

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    really nice work. the basing is great. great start on the mini's to. the flesh tones look good against that leather
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Thanks Dex I’ll look into it!! Looking good on the ogre btw!!

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