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    Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support.

    !!!! /////// WARNING : HEAVY PICTURES LOADED POST /////// !!!!

    So I poured the resin, my sealing works, but some resin flew over the back corner of the diorama.

    I managed to reduce the issue to a minimum, but my idea was to have a deeper river bed on the back of the diorama, as if the bridge parts play the role of some kind of "natural" barrage of some sort...

    So I have to figure a way to pour a second layer in the back as the current result doesn't plese me for this area.

    Anyway, the rest looks ok though, and I even managed to pine one of the three ogres in the watter as I entended to (almost forgot, fortunately, the resin wasn't dried yet when came back home yesterday), so it's already something.

    As soon as the resin is dry, I'll be able to add the water movement effect and some ripples around the ogre's foot

    The mushrooms are almost done too, they just need a little more work and I will be able to add them to the dio.

    On the bust side now:

    I decided to add some more war paints and effects to the head, what do you think?

    Note : his left eye need to be fixed.

    I'm currently looking for pattern to add a tattoo on his forearm.
    Then: blanket here I come...

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    nice work dexter. both project are lookng great. really cool to see the ogre in place.
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    Top notch work so far, can't wait to see the other brutes in place. Beautiful piece.

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    Yeah, the water effects really add something, once you have some ripples in there it'll look even more awesome!
    The bust looks cool too, and I dig the mushrooms.

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    It's mushroom time!

    I added the mushrooms to the dio, and it's shocking how this tiny pieces add to the scene.
    I really love how it add some realism (all proportion keep) to the scene.

    I will make a second batch as I want to add some more...

    And I started to paint the last ogre (finally).
    Still really early and rough, but it's a start.

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    That diorama is amazing, and yes the mushrooms do add that little extra bang to it for realism! The Indian bust is looking great, love the added warpaint and those beaded bits look aces!

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    Ditto to what others have said - the bridge scene is really coming together! The tint of the water and the mushrooms just put it over the top. And the added warpaint on your bust is looking nice.

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    yep the shrooms really add a nice bit of detail to the scene. looking really good
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again

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    Yesterday was a sad day...

    I accidentally drop a paint bottle on top of the birch...
    After a little time spent to scream inside of tmy head, I tried to restore it...
    Man that thing is fragile!

    On the diorama side though, things are going pretty nice.

    I finally decided to compensate the depth of the water in the back by adding a good amont of glossy gel.
    It's to dry yet, but it should do the trick.

    The ripples ont he front looks believable I hope.

    I even added the second ogre to the base.

    In the end, using the liquid mask wasn't such a bad idea as it's fairly easy to remove and did a proper job.
    Though it was a simple sealing (just one face at a time), not sure if I would trust it on a complete sealing (4 faces), I'm not sure it would resist the pressure.

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    Small announce, I'm not into competition, but I decided to enter the last one from greenstuffworld, so if you whish to drop a vote and/or a comment, here is the link :

    And as I realized I never post this project on my gallery, I add it here too :

    And on putty&paint:

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    I love your gargant-diorama. Just beautiful work!!!

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    Sorry about the tree branch, must be tricky having to be so careful around that piece. The diorama with the ogres looks great though, they seem so peaceful hanging around in a nice setting haha.

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    Sorry to hear about the tree, hopefully you can fully salvage it since it was looking so good! As for the water in the dio, the ripples for the foot look good, maybe if you really want to go the extra bit, another group just off to the side and back a little further a fraction to simulate the one foot making ripples and then the other as they hit the water. The other side where you are compensating for the pour depth looks good and can't wait to see that bit when the gloss gel has dried.

    Good luck in the competition! Will go place a vote for you

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    I press thumbs you get the birch back together again - it is a beautiful tree you made there.
    And the diorama looks great!!! I love the water effects, the whole thing just looks so lush and cool.

    Definitely one of my favourites of yours so far.

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    Thanks guys!

    @ekipage: yes that was my first idea to had the two foots' ripples effects on the watter, but I decided to wait until the first was dry before adding the second one as it was a little confusing while wet.
    I added it yesterday, will post a puicture tonight or tomorrow.

    I think I manage to save the tree (for now):

    I'll try to finish it this week-end so I can work on somthing new... more sf for a change, including heavy convertion...

    And some progress ont he last ogre:

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    Ripples are done.

    I'm not sure if the back part will be dry one day... maybe I added too much at time, I should have made 2 or 3 passes. My bad.

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    Dio is looking great Dexter, so much detail! - resin is a tricky beast to tame for sure. I think I have been relatively lucky with my dabblings with it so far and have kept the depth minimal which helps.

    Would definitely recommend using a line of superglue to completely seal your plasticard to the edge of the base close to the edge of the resin line - then running a line of hot glue around the outer edges for double security. It will make a mess on the edge of your plinth when you remove it that will need sanding and cleaning but you will not have any leakage at least.

    Awesome treework as usual!

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    The whole handsome diorama is ridiculously well thought out and well attained as well!!

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    Great job on the diorama, it is looking amazing. I really like all the little details like the flowers and mushrooms you put into it and the water looks very well done

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