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    Thank you guys, much appreciated.

    The birch is finally done! And the mini too.

    And I'm happy because I managed to create a treee what can be added (or not!) to the base without damaging it (except some tinies little holes of course).

    Anyway here is some photos, without the tree, and with it.

    What do you guys think?

    Now I just have to find a way to pack the tree in a way that it won't be damages during transporte.
    And find the next one who will play with the base...

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    I would say definitely with tree. Looking wonderful.
    The mini is good painted, though the basing is outperforming it by far :-)

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    Wonderful job all around! The piece is filled with elf-y mood. I love how you added to the base itself. Nice paintjob on the figure, too. She goes great with those golden leaves.

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    Nice that looks extremely good and very very realistic in all aspects in terms of how things were placed and just every thing is outstanding. For example i love how hes standing at the bottom of the slope and the tree is higher up it all works so well.

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    Great job on this (especially considering how much trouble that elf's bow gave you)! Tree looks amazing on the base!

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    Thank you guys !

    This small mini isn't my finest work at all, but I had some trouble with it (broke it several times: a little too small for my hands) so I decided to focus on the speed rather than the quality, and it triggered a new process for me which is to try to paint more instinctivelly (understand try not to overthink things).

    Anyway, some progress on the bust too: the forearm tatoo is done.

    I'll start working on the blanket soon...

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    Incredible, excellent / amazing painting, very very nice, good luck on the blanket next.

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    Hi everybody,

    It seems I finished another project: yeah!

    Here is some pictures:

    Now I will start some new projects, pretty different but as much challenging...

    I hope you're all safe. keep cool, paint minis, and stay safe people.

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    Wow Dex, everything looks wonderful. Great job on the elf, even for a speed paint I love the composition and feel of the piece. I vote “with tree” as well.

    the bust is coming along wonderfully, and great execution in nailing the Native American skin tones, not an easy task.

    the bridge dio turned out wonderfully. Very impressed with your diorama scratch building skills to say the least.

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    Thank you @sik.

    Here is a new project.

    I call it : Last man standing - V1

    Why "V1"?
    Because I have this idean in my head for quite some times now, and since I started to think about how I envision the scene, I started to envision it bigger and bigger every time.
    But, I want to paint/produce more, so I figured: "Ok then just make 2 projects based on the same idea with two differents scenes. Why not after all?""

    To be clear, I don't think I will make the second project just after this one, I just keep thinking about it and I'll proceed when I'm ready to, but I'll definitively create two versions around that idea.

    In fact I feel quit inspired by space marines this days and I also beging to think about another scene... but I'm not yet ready to speak about it.

    This one though get me really excited though because as I'll have to do a lot of conversions, so I will need to sculpt a little which is not something I'm really used to. So, new thing to discover...

    Speaking of new things, I couldn't resist guys... I bought a 3D printer (Elegoo mars).
    Soooooooo it's a new tool I will definitively use too!
    I love building from scratch and I think it's a great part of the fun in this hobby, but some times some figurine bitz are difficult to find and/or adapt so I think it will help on that part.
    Not to mention that I found some really sexy 3D printable files, like this dragon bust I print some days ago:

    It was my first print (except the test print of course), and it tourn out pretty nice, so I'm happy and can wait to paint it (I'm currently making my mind on the color scheme).

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    Wow, Dexter! Wow!
    That diorama looks super cool! I am absolutely floored by it.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the V1 diorama you are building.
    And I'm jealous about that 3d printer Looks like you are going to have some awesome sculpts to paint in future.

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    Marvelous work dexter all around/ you’ve leveled up with your newest models.

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    Congrats on getting started with the 3D printer! The resolution on the dragon bust looks excellent from your photos. Please keep us updated on what it's like painting your own printed pieces compared to production minis. The Last Man Standing is off to a creepy start!

    I missed your final photos with the ogres-- an excellent diorama! There's so much work and care put into the whole thing, and it all comes together really well. They look so peaceful in their beautiful habitat haha.

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    That Ogre diorama is butt kicking. And congrats on the nice print. I like my resin printer, but have not had time to mess with it for a while.

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    Thank you guys, really appreciete your feedbacks,

    Here is some progress on different projects.

    The native american bust:

    I finally start to work on the blanket.
    Here is a step by step of how I handled it so far:

    I'm not sure I will leave the green as it is now, I may repaint it with a darker hue.

    I think I'll have a lot of corrections to do once the pattern is finished...

    The Crystal Dragon Bust:

    I absolutely love the model, and it turns out pretty great (except some errors on my part when removing the supports).
    Anyway, paint started nicely until a bottle of paint fall of on it (seems familiar) and broke 3 spikes...

    I didn't really manage to repare it, the parts was really hard to glue in place and broke again some time after, so I decided to leave it as it. I still plan to paint it though, as the model having a lot of details, it is a really good practice excercise.
    And since I can re-print it, I can paint more freely

    The last man standing - V1:

    I have trouble posing the alien as I want, it will require some more heavy cuts/repositionning, green stuff sculpt to get it were I want it to be.

    In the mean time, I started working on the base to help me place the scene sort of speak:

    I hope you all and your families are ok.
    Stay home, paint minis, and stay safe people!

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    Nice update Dexter, all of it looks great!
    Love the bust work you are doing, and the dragon head looks like an awesomely fun project.

    The last man standing dio looks super cool. I hear what you say about cutting and repositioning the models, but such is the life of a kit basher
    The base looks awesome.

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    Man oh man you never fail to impress!!!

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    ​Projects all look cool, Dex. I like what you’re up to with that diorama.

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    Sometimes (often), I start my projects with a partially blurry idea of the scene I want to make.
    Some parts are crystal clear, and some... not so much.

    For this project, it was how I should fill the hole in the back wall that caused me problem.

    First I've got an idea about some sort of tentacles/tongues trying to catch something.

    Let's just say that my first attempt looked like a joke:

    So I blow the dust on my sketchbook and came up with something more intersting:

    But there were still a big gape to fill...

    And today I finally had a decent idea:

    I'm not a huge fan of greenstuff. I think it's pretty hard to work with, but I kind of liked this little "sculpt" session.

    On the bust side, I finished the first pass on the pattern for the blanket.
    Next I'll have to fix a lot of things, then improve hilights and it shoudl be good.
    Wait, I forgot his weapon for a moment... oups :/ I guess I'm not done yet...

    Side note regarding @SaintToad's base : I still want to pass it along to someone and keep this little thing on, but I decided to put it on hold for the moment.
    With the current state of things, I wont be able to ship anything anyway.
    But I just want to let you know hat I haven't forget about it (and I may have an idea how to protect the tree during the transport ).

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    Wow, amazing skills and every thing looks epic!, very good sculpt aswell.

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