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    I started painting the tree...

    ... and I broke it.... Well, a branch...

    But I was able to fix it (pfiou).

    And after some time, it slowly start taking shape.

    Next step will be to finish to paint the trunk, then I'll see if the top needs some chages or not (I'll keep the leafs for the very end).

    In the mean time, I made some progress on the minotaur skin, but it takes me ages, I need to paint more to gain in skills...

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    Been a minute since we saw any's it going? I'm excited to see where you take this piece.

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    I struggle a little to get the trunc right, i'm still working on it.
    Same for the minotaur, through I think I'm starting to understand how to blend colors...
    I'll post some photos later today.

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    The tree looks excellent, thanks for sharing the build/progress pics of your work on this.

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    As promise, some updates.

    First let's say I enjoyed making this leaves so much that I couldn't resist to made a second batch, more redish, to ensure some more color variations on the final foliage.

    And as said previously, I kind of struggle with the painting of the tree.
    The more I paint it, the more it seems off to me...

    And that's why I should have used photos references before startign this project (shame on me).
    Obviously I didn't really thinked about what type of tree I wanted to make, and now I kind of paying for that error because I'm wasting time trying to figure out the right color for it.

    Anyway, seeing some earlier photos, I realize it looked better with the original brown color, and as I would like the final scenery to be relatively colorful, I think I will try to repaint it with that in mind.

    On the figure side, I think I soon start adding base colors for the other parts to help me seen how the skin works witht the rest.

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    This looking awesome! I like the skin tones you have going on the minotaur, the (blueish?) darker areas in the folds create some really nice contrast with the brown higher tones.

    The tree is great, and I love the leaves. The coffee filter paper idea is great. If you are going for an autumn look, how about some bright yellows in there too?

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    Yes I used purple and dark blue for the dark areas of the skin, I start to include more variations in my painting as I see it a lot on talented painter productions and it clearly add something.
    I though about adding some yellow leaves too, I may have to produce some more...

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    As I had decided to start adding base color to the others areas of the mini, I figured I should start working on the ground too.
    The main idea being the same as for the minotaur: starting to see if it's working or not.

    Altough I will add some grass on the ground, I picture the left area as mainly dust and I want the ground color to be orange/sandy if you know what I mean, not a regular brown/dark tone.
    So I started with an orange/red tone

    Then I add some green/brown washes in what will be the river bed and around the roots (afterward thougth: maybe it was too soon for that?!).

    And after two pass of dry brushing/tapping (two lighter tones: light brown then sandy tone), it start looking as I wanted it.

    Note 1: on the photos, it may look really yellow, but in reality there is more variations.

    Note 2: As I couldn't avoid to be messy, I obviously put some ground paint on the roots, but as I haven't made my mind yet if I should repaint the trunc (and roots), I may have to rework the roots or the whole trunc later on anyway so, not a big deal.

    Same thing for the mini, adding some bases to the other parts help bring some new perspective to the skin...

    Note: I initially painted the stone he is resting on with a grey base, because I plan to paint the small rocks under the roots in grey too, but I may change my mind to paint it like the ground, not sure yet.

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    Coming along nicely! The touches of color to the character really do help the appearance of the skin tone.

    Keep it coming!

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