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    Oliver Spath does some beautiful scenic work....including butterflies....well worth checking his instagram feed for inspiration.

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    Indeed, thanks for the link. I've just subscribed to his instagram!

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    My first attempt to create a butterfly. I used coffee filter again, but it's a really porous paper, which doesn't help to realise pecise painting...
    I will try with other paper or maybe varnish the paper before painting it.
    What do you guys think?

    Alos some progress ont he minotaur.

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    Butterfly looks pretty good, just missing the antennae (maybe some really fine jewelry wire/guitar string painted black and glued on for that effect?

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    Any update on this? How did the butterflies come out?

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    Sorry no updates for the moment, I won't be home for a couple of weeks so unable to work on it, which mean no update until the second half of april unfortunately ...

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    The butterflies look sweet. They somehow remind me to the ladybug show, which my dauther is loving ^^

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    Hi everyone,

    No I didn't deserted this thread, I just don't have time these days.
    Plus I'm going to move to a new town by the end of may so I guess I will have to start packing soon...

    As you may imagine I won't have too much time (and space) to paint.
    My goal is to finish the painting of the minotaur before I leave in order to start back once installed and finish the base.

    Speaking of which, here is where I am:
    I painted the fur and I currently working on the leather belt.

    I'm also in the process of making some friends to my little butterfly...

    I will try to post some pictures about the packing of some pieces as it can be challenging (I espacially think of hte tree...).
    I have some ideas, we'll see if it works or not.

    Thats one of the main downsides of this hobby: moving this pieces is a real nightmare.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm finaly settled in my new appartment! So I can start working on mini stuff again.

    In fact I already started working on the tree again, and I'm finishing the painting job on the minotaur to be abe to include it to the base before I start adding grass and flowers to it.

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    At first I was like "Why is Dexter showing us views of a tree? Does he have a nice view out of his new apartment?".
    And then I re-read everything and realized they are pictures of the minotaur's tree - mind blown!!!!
    That looks superb!

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    Really great job on that tree (it is looking pretty lifelike)! How do you like those legs for your desk? I was thinking of getting them but not sure if they support the desk enough.

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    The legs feels pretty good to me. I choose this model because of the possibility it offert to store a fair amount of things on each leg. As for the support offered, it feels pretty strong to me, I confident it will handle without any issue the desk, all I added on it and some of my weight too as I tend to put my arms on it when I'm painting.

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    Thanks for the info. I may pick them up and give them a try then.

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    Welcome back! Progress looks great!

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    Some progress on the tree.

    I have almost finished the minotaur so I will pin it to the base soon in order to start working on the ground.
    Glueing leaves one by one is kind of boring but seeing the tree coming together is rewarding though...

    I broke some branches (again) but it facilitate the access to the interior of the tree so I will reglue it later on.

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    The tree looks great, can't wait to see the finished minotaur! I can't believe you are gluing all those leaves on one by one!

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    Im not surprised bud - younever seemed one to cut corners.

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