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    That base for the Minotaur is looking amazing! Great job on it, love all the small details you are adding (however tedious they might be) and it will be well worth it when completed! Really nice start on the new base. I like the second set of cobblestone you chose to go with and should look really good with the waterfall added.

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    Beautiful. The attention to detail on the base is impressive so far.

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    Thanks guys.

    Resin fish are on there way...

    In parallel, I created a simpliest copy of hte river bed to make a first try on resin poooring to chek if the color I have in mind will works or not.

    On the tree side, I think I've got 2/3 of the tree done.

    And i finished the second batch of butterflies:

    I'm particularly happy with the pink and blue one and I start to gain confidence in my aptitude to paint details. it was a realy good exercice.

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    Butterflies look awesome! Well done. Still can't believe how great that tree looks and it isn't even finished yet!

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    Very impressive basing skills here....tree is starting to look epic.

    Great plan to test run the resin too...

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    Amazing details, very good work.



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    Thank you guys!

    The resin test was a good idea.

    I'm happy with the process:
    I figured out a decente technic to effectively scele the area.
    The coloring of the water is not too bad, maybe a little to coloured but I can reduce it easily.
    BUT, as you can see I've used regular plastic card, and I don't understand why the edges are so blurry.
    Maybe I can avoid that by putting a thin layer of vaseline or something on the plastic card before pouring the resin in?
    Any advice on that?

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    Sorry, can’t help you with the resin. But the tree & butterflies look great!

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    From what I was learning while researching how to do resin, a lot of sources recommended using a thin coat of realistic water (pick your favorite brand) to clear up the outside edges. The other option is to polish, polish, polish it to clear.

    Overall, your piece is still an inspiration. I have a lot of respect for the work and patience you've shown with this! Keep it coming!

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    Thanks guys!

    @DaBeebs I like the idea better than mine. I'll make a new test with this... We'll see how it goes.
    I will also make a test using liquitex glossy gel as I ordered one to create the "wave effect".

    I start to see the end of the "gluing leaves is my one and only hobby"
    Pictures of the tree soon.

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    Hey Dexter! Nice work on the resin! In my experience, resin will pick up every single scratch on a surface it hardens on.

    So you may find that the plasticard you used has a matte finish, instead of a gloss one. And this is transferred onto the resin.
    One way to fix this is to start with a gloss surface, such as using glass or metal.

    The other would be to treat the resin surface like you would any other material: ie. sanding and gap-filling.
    So you would start with a 600+ grit sandpaper, and work your way up to a 1500+ wet sandpaper, then either do a buff, or use something like
    the water-finish, or even something like acrylic varnish or acrylic floor finish to put an extra smooth coat on top.

    There is a lot of info on the google machine if you want to search for it...

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    Looking damn fine. Im no expert on resin. But to get more ”grep” i would use a thin later at the bortom of darker resin. Then lighter at the top. And for the plastig-cards. You are just gonna have to polish those edges up afterwards.
    Amazing diorama tho.

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    You're right @gorb, I see it now, the plasticard I used have a matte finish.
    I would like to avoid have too much polishing if I can, I recieved the liquidex gel so i will make some tests tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter0015 View Post
    You're right @gorb, I see it now, the plasticard I used have a matte finish.
    I would like to avoid have too much polishing if I can, I recieved the liquidex gel so i will make some tests tonight.
    From your setup, it looks like you only have two flat surfaces to polish, right? So don't stress too much, it won't take forever: take 3 different sandpapers, say 400, 800 and 1500 and sand for about 2 to 3 minutes per grit (use wet sandpaper), and then coat the surface with the gel, it should look super smooth!

    The only other tip would be to glue the sandpaper to a flat piece of styrene or something else, that way the surface stays super flat.

    Good luck!

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    Look what was in the mail yesterday!

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    I finally finished the tree! Yeah!

    I'm happy with the result, some here comes the pictures' blast (hope it's not too much):

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    The new tests for the resin are curring right now.

    I made 2 new tests :
    - one with a more complexe ground (I wanted to see if it would worth it to add somes textures in the river bed)
    - one with a "fish" in it (yeah, the white brick) to see how the fish will be seen from every angles

    I use a lighter colored resin because my previous test looked too dark for my taste.
    this ones may bee too light, we'll see...

    This time I covered the plasticard with gloss gel from liquitex so I hope it will be better than previously
    I'm looking forward to see the result tomorrow once the resin will be fully cured...

    And I started painting the fish too.

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    that tree looks fantastic! Nice work on the gold fish as well, good luck with the second resin test

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    Let's just say the gloss gel was definitively not the right solution.
    In fact, it was even worst!

    The resin merge with the gel, and in the end, I got a similar result than whithout the gel.
    I tried to sand/polish it but it never ends as I have to sand the gel, then the resin...

    And for the second test, I messed up the proportion in the resin and I ended up with a semi-solid resin...

    I'm happy with the color though (small consolation but still)

    Anyway I'm in the making of a new attempt, this time I'll try to use transparent plastic (remains from a blister or something).
    I think I remember having better results with this kind of plastic.

    I'll make as many tests as needed as i really don't want to screw the base with this last step.

    TO clear my mind of all this resin thing I started painting a little samourai from Okko Chronicle KS.

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