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    my nephew (still quite young) just found out about the joy of painting minis, but ran out of unpainted ones.
    Do you have a recommendation where I could buy new ones?
    They should be at least 8cm in height, picture nothing you wouldn't put in an elementary students hands (nothing nsfw, no monsters etc...), should have a medium detail level and be reasonably priced.
    I'm thinking about something like unpainted versions of this:
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    So far my search only turned up either already painted, very costly or very small miniatures, if I could find any at all.

    Do you know of any shop or manufacturer where I could order some?
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    Your attachments aren't working for some reason, I'm not sure of any child suitable ones really, the figures I paint at that size tend to be around £40-£50 and require assembly (sometimes with fiddly parts and needing cleaning up with a knife and file)

    You might however be able to get something 3d printed from somewhere like shapeways, I couldn't tell you whaasort of price or quality they are though

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    Well, that pretty much is one of the few strengths of Reaper's Bones miniatures. Cheap PVC minis. And if you get the larger monsters they should be pretty easy for a young painter even though detail isn't too shelf and mold lines can drive you nuts. Besides the cheap price, if you wash them in a little dish soap they can be painted very effectively without painting.

    Between the age of 3 and five I would by plater figurines in Walmarts craft area for my son to paint as another option.

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    I started with 1/32 plastic Airfix soldiers. Reaper Bones also a good choice. Repainting toys and action figures is good fun too and can be pretty cheap if you find stuff on sale or in the dollar shop

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    A possibility is to invest in a can of spray primer. You could then buy relatively cheap figurines from your local toy store, superheroes etc things you think are suitable to paint. Then spray prime these figurines and your ready to go. This way there is no assembly or fiddly bits that could break off. These will have relatively easy to paint details and will be a good size for the young one to paint.
    hope this helps.

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    thanks for your sugggestions.
    Firstoff: I relinked the pictures in the first post. I hope they will work now for you. Seemed fine for me yesterday, but maybe I still had something cached....
    I looked into Airfix soldiers and Reaper Bones. I think the Airfix minis are still unsuited for him and Reapers Bones are too small and/or also unsuited. Like I said in the opening post, I'm looking more for something "normal" and not especially not for monsters.
    @Chaotic Creations: That is something that I really didn't think off... I have black spray primer here, since I'm painting miniatures myself (mostly from the Arcadia Quest franchise). It simply didn't occur to me, that I could repaint already painted miniatures. I think I'll try that. Thanks.

    I'm still happy for any other suggestions that someone might have in this regard though.

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    I would second CC's idea of spray priming small toys. I know my local Michael's craft store sells solid plastic animal and dinosaur figures that are 3-5 inches in size and are relatively inexpensive. (link) When I was a kid, I started painting Hot Wheel cars and G.I. Joes and had a blast with it.

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    I used to collect action figures before minis but most of these are pretty much statues already, with a little work (gluing the few moveable parts in place and gap filling + priming) there might be something here suitable they do a lot of stuff obviously unsuitable but they have sports licenses and some kid friendly TV shows or games

    Edit: some parts might be tougher, like anything with wires, capes or long hair used to be made of something rubbery to prevent breaking, they're about 7-8 inches tall for the most part, I haven't bought any for years so idk if any of that is different now

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