It gives me great honour to announce the 2018 nationals event 'The Throne Wars 2018 - Claim your Crown!'. This event is a culmination to a lot of work behind the scenes between myself and Coolminiornot to organise and I hope to build on the success of last year to make this event even bigger!

Last year it was Keiren Bradwell and his that claimed the priceless relic and gained the throne for the Shael Han. But peace never lasts in Arikania and soon he must rise to defend his throne against the gathering forces. Who will rise and who will fall?

The tournament will be held on Sunday 13th of May at Element Game's brilliant North West Gaming Centre in Stockport. This spacious venue has all the boards and terrain we need as well as parking, on-site bar and the Element games store itself. There is also a hotel opposite for people wishing to stay the weekend and there are many places to eat nearby.

Registration will be open from 9:30am with the 1st round starting at 10:30 prompt. We will be playing at skirmish level armies using the official 'Conquest of Kings' tournament system with no painting restrictions(

Entry will be £10 which will include the hiring of the venue, prizes and a complimentary 'Goody-bag' That will contain some very special items. Prizes will be awarded for placement as well as bonus prizes for best painted, sportsmanship, best in-faction and the much sought-after wooden spoon! The prizes themselves will include promo-items, product and maybe a special surprise or two. I'm not looking to make any sort of profit for this so all the money after the venue will go the prize pool with it only growing with more people who attend.

Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro a fun day of games awaits and this can only lead to bigger things after last year, so I hope we can get a strong turn out and make this our yearly extravaganza.

To book your place you can email me or PM me. I am also hosting a Dark-age event on the Saturday. This is another coolmini game based on a dystopian sci-fi planet!

Thats it for now. Any questions please PM and I hope to see as many of you there as possible! Stay tuned for more updates!