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    Hello everyone.... Decided to create a how to video for painting miniatures.... It's in its early stages so criticism is appreciated.

    First off I'll be showing how to paint Mae'viir dark elf sorceress from the guild of harmony range.... Will be working on her skin tones. Enjoy!

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    what will be your goal ? What quality will you aim for in your videos? ttq, ttq+, display?

    I'll look at the vid more closely, but after fast forwarding it a bit 2(.5) points:
    - even though you say you use thinned paint, when you applied the basecoat it was pretty thick. At the beginning of the face it broke like unthinned paint does
    - lighting doesn't seem to be consistent through the video, the colors / lighting seems pretty different at the start and around the end
    (- you have too much paint on the brush (up to the ferrule)... it kills it faster than it needs to)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Hi Max.... At this point ttq+ and eventually work my way up with future projects.... I've been away for a bit... So a tad rusty if I'm gonna be completely honest here

    Because I've been absent a bit... Some of my paint needed a good shaking.... and the first part kinda goofed and didn't thin the paint as much as I needed. In addition to it... Need to find a healthy balance with thinning my paints further. In due time I'll get there.

    As for the lighting... Yes I do agree.... and that's another thing I'll be working on.... I was painting with the camera between me and the miniature with the lighting on the above right..... Which in turn made it a bit difficult since I really never painted that way and I'm sure no one has either lol.... So when I get the second part ready... I'll be changing that a bit. And because of that I wasn't able to pay attention to how much paint I was placing on the brush. Baby steps lol and I'll be to head into the right direction.

    I know you have mentioned that you've sped up the video.... Do you believe it was too long of a tutorial especially on one portion of the model? I have tried to shorten it by speeding the video in process and cutting away from some unnecessary footage... original video was over an hour.

    Thanks again for your feedback and don't think I'm taking in your suggestions the hard way.... I always appreciate constructive feedback no matter how they come in

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    soo, had time to watch it through.

    - sorry, but for ttq+ you'd need to improve. Biggest part of it is that at the end the video shows a result, that looks like a basecoat despite all your work. Mostly because of overworking the mini (first all HL-s are covered by the shadows, so you destroyed your work there, then the shadows are destroyed by the HL-s by covering them). Atm a video showing a result similar to warhammertv I consider (nice)ttq, for + I'd need more visual appeal.

    - about the speeding up: it was past 23:00 and had to get up at 6:00, so didn't have the time to watch paint dry for 30 minutes (most video tutorials are like that) especially as writing this text+watching the whole vid took about an hour.
    - painting with a camera between you and the figure is a pain. good luck there.
    - the lighting in the first part was ok, but after the first basecoat it changed. It got darker, duller and colors were off (see your own skin color for example). It's not noticeable if it stays the same through the whole video, but with the jump it is.
    The best could be using some dedicated equipment (lighting, camera, workplace) and after setting it up once don't change it (settings in cam, light positions, etc.)

    + voice if clear and understandable, super
    + color scheme for skin is like the Spanish one (light flesh + purples), which is rarely shown, I had 0 luck painting it correctly (tried only once though).
    o "primed grey to keep the colors neutral...": not specific to your video (most on YT vids say this), but makes no sense. After you do a proper, opaque base coat, the primer color becomes irrelevan. The only exception would be if using AB/preshading (so no opaque layers)
    + you start from a very light color as a base (is super, just unusual)
    - but when you show the highlight it's totally not visible (pale skin vs paleskin+wolfgrey are too similar in value (good for blending, not so much for showing)).
    + your brush control looked pretty solid, shows that you are not a beginner in painting. At the same time the way you applied it is almost like a wet drybrush.
    o @9:00 "it creates a texture". Not really. It creates volumes and the light for needed contrast.
    - last HL you say: "apply just a little bit, just to bring out some of the edges". At the same time the video shows that you cover pretty much everything that's not a shadow area (so basecolor, HL1, HL2 too)
    o @16:00 shadows are everywhere, even where you applied the lastHL. Pretty much killed all of HL1-finalHL. After that you start with 1st shadow (pale+warlord), which is lighter than the crimson just before making it look like you paint HL-s in the shadow areas.
    - placement of some of the shadows is weird (around the stomach area, hips)
    - @22:00 you start re-highlighting (double work), aaand you gradually paint over most of them, making them disappear
    o @28:00 the legs turned out nice. Altough based on the video you pretty much overpainted the shadow areas with basecolor and HL-s. But they look much better than the torso/face.

    (+: positive in video for me, -: negative, o: neutral/don't care/weird)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    That is quite a break down....I love it!!!....I really appreciate the time you took to review and write your thoughts on the whole thing. I can't emphasize enough. There are definitely room for improvements on my part...painting wise and set-up.

    I think the issue with the different lighting was due to me moving the light mid way thru the video....and I did try to tweak during post process, but I could have made it worse...and does effect the overall visibility on highlights and what not. Was completely thinking through out the video about I'll have to try something different and go from there...if my camcorder does't do, I might get the heavy guns out and shoot with my dslr.

    As for the rest of the points mentioned, I'll be taking them into consideration. It might be a bit late for this particular tutorial, but definitely something I can take to my next miniatures that will follow after this one. This doesn't mean I won't try some things for the next parts coming for the dark elf (planning on hair and clothing next).

    As for the skin color choice....I'm usually very random when it comes to color schemes....I kinda have an idea of what I might do....choose the colors....and then just try to make it do expect the unusual more often when I paint my miniatures lol, but I'm glad you did enjoy it overall.

    Thanks again Max

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