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    Default Ricardo523's WIP thread

    I've been painting for a year now (although I painted some mini's 25+ years ago when I was barely in my teens), and have plucked up enough courage to share my WIP's in order to get some feedback and hopefully improve!

    So here goes, a Forest Troll from Atlantis miniatures, still a WIP but quite a bit of work done so far!

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    Very nice work.

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    Hello Ricardo and welcome...
    well im glad you built up the courage to share your works, not that you needed courage mate cause your painting speaks for itself. Well can I say the texture you have painted onto the skin is sublime and with a few additional highlights will be spectacular. But my favourite part so far is the toe nails, oh my superb blending to give them a very realistic look. This is going to be a fantastic paint job when finished, looking forward to following the progress... keep up the good work man.

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    Well, that's a bloody good job so far! Welcome!
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    Welcome back to the hobby after the long break

    Your blendings look pretty nice. Also like the texture you painted. The Highlights on the arm are already very good but you could push deeper into the shadows if you ask me ^^
    On the face ou can go a bit brighter and darker. There is a lot of natural cast shadow in the picture though. For judging the painted shadows it's better to use a fotobox or multiple lightsources for fotographs.

    Keep it on

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    Thanks all for the messages. I can't take any credit for the texture of the skin- it's sculpted. The mini has lots of really good detail. In fact, it has caused a lot of issues for me, because I decided to use a wash to pick out all the tiny lines of wrinkles. But then blending in highlights was a nightmare.

    I actually took reference photos for highlights as I wanted the light source to be in a slightly odd place- the top left of the picture. Of course, when I took the picture the light source is actually directly above. One thing I noticed, though, is that some of the real highlights would look weird on the mini if I painted them in, it's hard to explain but I think it's due to the "silk" nature of the paints being slightly shiny?

    I get your point on the face though, I might glaze to darken down the shadows a touch. What you can't really tell from the photo is that the "dark" side of his face is almost a solid "Rhinox Hide" brown (which is what I used as shadows). The "mid" tone of the skin is "Baneblade brown".

    The toenails were two-brush blended, which I think really worked well here. I'm a bit hit-and-miss with it at the moment, sometimes it produces nice blends, sometimes not. Practice I guess.

    Thanks for the inputs, I really did think highlighting needs work. Highlighting is where I normally go wrong (normally poor blending). I also need to work out a better way to take a picture without bleeding out the highlights/lightening the shadows.

    Things I learnt:-

    - Resin needs fairly strong priming. I very lightly primed (not 100% coverage), and the paint simply wouldn't take in a lot of places, and kept chipping off elsewhere.
    - I really want an airbrush. It took me two weeks to base coat this guy. Which is probably 8 x 3 hour sessions. At least. Also, priming with an airbrush would have made it easier to get to the hard-to-reach areas. (I prime using a spray can at the moment)
    - I've really gone off using washes. I think they will have their place again at some point, but currently I'm always unhappy with their effect.
    - Less paint on the brush is basically always better.
    - Colour scheme photos really help; I photo'd the mini after priming, printed it out and used real paints to colour it in.
    - Using many colours is hard. And my wife hates basically every colour paint I have.

    I have seen this mini painted before (box art)- and one of my aims was to increase the colour variation by comparison. The box art is very "natural" (which is what I tend to do, I have to force everything to NOT just be variations of brown) but I wanted a bit more of a "fantasy" feel.

    One thing I want to do is draw your eye to the face. I'm not sure it does it just yet. I'm wondering whether raising the contrast on the beard would help? II'm looking at it now and my eye tends to be drawn to the red mushroom under his hand. I really like that mushroom but wonder what if I made his bear red and the mushroom a bit more muted (the one at the top of the staff is a kind of plum colour, which looks nice).

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    welcome to the fold. very nice opening mini

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    This session I added some white highlights to bring them out a bit more, as well as some glazes on the wrists, ankles etc to make them a bit more red. I added darker shadows to the staff too.

    I'm struggling slightly with the beard. Can't seem to blend the highlights all that well.

    I also tried stippling to get a texture on the skirt/loin cloth. I think it's just come out looking like I drybrushed it so I think I may have to paint over, perhaps with some glazes to smooth it out?

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    Pretty nice skin tones!
    This is my gallery

    Really thx for your votes&comments!

    And this is my WIP

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    So I worked on him some more.

    I keep on mixing too much milliput/greenstuff so when I do I make little mushrooms, and I thought they'd be thematic for the base.

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    The base is made from a magnolia tree we had in the garden that got cut down. And here is my troll standing on the base!

    Name:  IMG_2082_web.jpeg
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    I *think* I'm done. At this point I'm not sure if my skill level could take it further, I'd just make mistakes. And I've been working on this since the start of February I think, so I deserver a break!

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    I love the colours, and using the tree as a base ties in perfect!

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    Welcome to the forum. That is one cool mini and your painting is doing it justice.

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    The finished piccy now on my gallery http://www.coolminiornot.com/425122

    I have two new projects, one is a mini of my friend's Dungeons and Dragons character, so that should be fun

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    nice work, the finished think looks great
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

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    Default Ordan, Half Orc Ranger

    So my friend asked me to paint the mini he uses for the Dungeons and Dragons game I run. His name is Ordan, and he is a level 9 half-orc ranger. He has adamantine plate in places (which is theoretically black), but the rest of his armour is a mix of leather and chain. So all in all, he's found a pretty good mini for him. I believe it's a Stonehaven mini. I really like the mini, the detail is good, the pose is dynamic and it's nice to hold metal again!

    So far I've just base coated him, and there's some wash on parts of him.

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    Looking good man!!!

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    One dilemma I have is what type of base he should be on. One constraint that he is used on the table, so basically needs to be on a 25mm base. But other than that it's whatever suits.

    Should I go for a "ruined temple" look (I have some Scibor bases for that). The bonus of this is that the stone colours will be quite neutral and different to the mini (especially if they have glowing runes?).


    Continue with a forest theme (he is a forest loving ranger after all)? The bonus of this would be that it keeps in theme with his (intentially) camouflaged look. But quite how to achieve on such a small base will be a new challenge, as well as how to ensure he continues to stand out from the base if they are similar colours.

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    I would say forest base but limit the greens on it, he's already going to be quite green without the base so I think more along the lines of dirt and maybe tree roots or a fallen branch, a simple method is to rip open a tea bag and use the contents as a base material, it gives quite a natural look of dirt or wood chippings, maybe a small piece of grass, kind of like how I did a blood bowl base a while back
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    he's looking good so far, small photos though, hard to see

    sicks idea above sounds like a good way to go for the bases. thats a great tip about tea. I shall be nicking that one for myself as well
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    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again https://www.instagram.com/coyotepaints/

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    More progress. The skin, quiver and the light brown straps are "done". The beard needs a bit more ginger I think. The cloak needs another "notch" of highlight, as does the chainmail.

    The yellow trim on the cloak is my first attempt at freehand, so I kept it simple

    I just haven't figured out swords yet. I just don't seem to get them right, I always fudge something and have to start again.

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    I think I'll take your advice on the base. And will look into raiding some teabags. I already raided the herb rack for the Forest Troll

    (Incidentally CB, I uploaded images that were twice the size of the last ones, but they look the same size?)

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