2018 Expo - what can we expect this year?
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Thread: 2018 Expo - what can we expect this year?

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    Default 2018 Expo - what can we expect this year?

    I've already purchased my tickets for 2018 for Friday (can't do Sat & Sun due to Mother's Day weekend - next year could you do it one weekend earlier or later?). But I've got the day off and I'm ready to play some great CMON Games!

    What is on the docket for this year? Any certain game tournaments? Will we get to demo Zombicide Invaders? Also I'm hoping to further bling out my Rum & Bones game, will we have the opportunity to purchase some CMON Expo exclusives?

    I haven't seen an update on the CMON Expo page in a while and inquiry minds wanna know!

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    I would love to see the zombicide Invaders game. Looking forward to The Expo. Will be my first one. Driving down from Northern Virginia. Going to stay for the whole thing.

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    The folks at CMON must all be orphans. Seems like the Expo frequently ends up on Mother's Day weekend.
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    It is nice to have a board gaming convention here in Atlanta. My understanding is that Dragon-con and Momo-con are more focused on cosplay and video games. I'm hoping to spending all day playing games and getting a sneak peek at some new ones. I just heard about a new Panda game on a podcast today which sounded pretty cool. I also got my @#% handed to me in my first play of Rising Sun a week ago and I'm looking forward to some redemption.

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    I am looking forward the convention. I do a lot of miniature wargaming, but I love board games too. This will be my first board game convention. I have heard a lot of good things and I so I decided to give this year a try.

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    Has anyone heard if there will be a SWAG BAG this year for the Expo? It is not a requirement for my attendance, however last year's was pretty impressive and I was hoping for a repeat. They had a full copy of Zombicide Black Plague in last year's swag bag? Maybe Green Horde this year? What is on your swag bag wish list?

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    Wow. That is some pretty good swag. I'll be happy with what ever. I'll be playing a lot of black plague during the day and I want to see green horde. Maybe play it too.

    Do they have stuff for sale too? Do they have night gaming? I don't know what to expect. It's my first time there.

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    On the website, it states an opening time of 10:00am on Friday and then it states until 4:00pm on Sunday as the finish. So I'm not sure if it is an all out marathon from Friday until Sunday or if it will stop at 4:00pm each afternoon? I wasn't able to make it last year either, but I did see the swag bag reveal on YouTube. I'm hoping that it at least runs until 10 on Friday night.

    I heard good things about Arcadia Quest and Massive Darkness and have yet to get to try those out. I would think they would be selling some stuff, but I can't confirm that. I'm hoping they have some closeouts of the first version of Rum & Bones along with the upgrades for them to Second Tide. Those first factions look like fun and me and my son have had a lot of fun playing R&B 2nd Tide.

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    Yeah, I don't think it will close at 4 each day. In my younger days I might have done a marathon, but not this time. I'm driving down from northern Virginia and that is 12 hours in one day. Swing by the black plague game and say hello. You'll know which one, it's eye catching. That's all I can say about it now.


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    I have played Black Plague a few times, and prefer it to the first Zombicide, It still makes the rounds regularly with my game group. I think it you can combine it with Green Horde as well, but haven't played that yet even though one of my friends recently got Green Horde.

    My son is interested in learning more about painting miniatures. We have several miniature games but haven't ventured down that road yet. The pictures on this site are awesome and I'm not sure I could deliver similar results. I think mine would look like kindergarten fodder.

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    Take a look at this YouTube tutorial. This guy shows you how to get great results. So many new folks to painting have been helped by his videos. I have picked up a few tricks as well. https://youtu.be/LMOTmOchKyQ

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    Thanks! I'll check that out

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    I also wanted to check in here and see if any CMON peeps might have an update about the schedule, tournaments, and swag bag this year.

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    Dragoncon actually has a pretty robust board game area. Usually several hundred people are playing at any time. CMoN is usually there as well.

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