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    Default deadly flourish rules doubt

    i i have a" war dancer" and she use "the deadly flourish " that give her "Leap" and can i use melee attack on each enemy it passed through
    the doubt i have is :

    if i am the * an the enemy the x and the ------ is the move

    x x x
    (1) * ----------- her i can attack the 6 enemies or non? or is only in this way (2) *----x----x---x-- here i can attack the 3
    x x x models

    in other words if i pass partially through 2 base model like in the (1) i made the attack to the 2 or more partially through model or is like in the (2) and only go through the center of the model to made the attack. if some one can clarify my doubt i am goin to be happy thank you
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