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    Default deadly flourish rules doubt

    i i have a" war dancer" and she use "the deadly flourish " that give her "Leap" and can i use melee attack on each enemy it passed through
    the doubt i have is :

    if i am the * an the enemy the x and the ------ is the move

    x x x
    (1) * ----------- her i can attack the 6 enemies or non? or is only in this way (2) *----x----x---x-- here i can attack the 3
    x x x models

    in other words if i pass partially through 2 base model like in the (1) i made the attack to the 2 or more partially through model or is like in the (2) and only go through the center of the model to made the attack. if some one can clarify my doubt i am goin to be happy thank you
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    "Move this model up to 3” in a straight line. This model may move through, but not end on, enemy models during this move. After this movement this model may perform a [1] melee attack on each enemy it passed through."

    For reference.

    Leap means that if any part of your base passes through any part of one or more enemy bases, each model's base you've passed through with Leap gives you a 1 die attack on those models. Basically, if your opponent lines up 6 models ala a Soul Train dance line, then yes, you can potentially use that Leap to make a 1 die attack on each model.

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