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    Hey guys. Link below is my most recent submission. It's currently standing at a "7.2." I know not to take too much from the voting, but tbh, a 7.2 is wayyyy lower than I think it should be. I'm basing this assumption not only from my opinion, but after looking at hundreds of other submissions and pictures in this site, I have seen poorer paint jobs get a higher rating.

    Anyways, enough of my rambling. What do you guys think? You think that a low 7 is justified? If so, how may I improve my work in whole?


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    I don't know, for me it's about an 8.

    what I like the most:
    - the armor.

    what could be improved imho:
    - sash around the waist. Compared to the armor it's like: black with a blue edge highlight and nothing else.
    - it looks good to me, but highlights / shadows on the robes/cloak could be pushed a bit more, maybe the same for the shield (bottom could go much darker, top a bit lighter)
    - freehand is flat. even if it is a PITA they could also be shaded/highlighted
    - base is pretty simple, so most assume, that it's a gaming piece --> even if it could be voted higher they don't

    and of course the most important thing: the 'lovely' snipers, who vote 1 on everything for... no idea. This mini of mine ( http://www.coolminiornot.com/375390) was at 4.4 after about 20 votes.
    The good thing is that the system apparently periodically deletes votes that are like that, so it can happen, that you loose some votes from the current 17, but the average goes up to 8 or 8+.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    In response to your points.
    1. The sash. I agree, although the photo does diminish the highlights, it could be added to a little bit. I basecoated w/ a dark blue, and highlighted up to a lighter blue.
    2. For the shield, I probs could shade it down more, but I didn't want to go too far, since I didn't want the freehand on the shield to be masked.
    3. The freehand on the back of the cloak is meant to be "brocade," which are subtle designs.
    4. The base. This is where I whole heartedly agree. I have been trying to find a recipe to drybrush the sand for a long time now. For it to make it stand out. What do you think I could do to make the base stand out even more?

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    I liked the painting, but the picture looked dark to me and I was not able to really see the freehand work. Perhaps a brighter image may allow your details to show.

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    I re-uploaded another set of pictures, w/ the light coming from both the left and right of the mini. The original one only had light coming from the left.

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    Nice. I did not see you did some pattern at the bottom of the cloak in the other pictures. And the armor looks nicer. Kind of pops out better.

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