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    Cheers everyone,

    Onto the next project... I've started assembling everything and puttying the gaps. It's a pretty big sculpt, so cleaning all the mold lines was a bit of a process, but we're basically there now. I drilled some holes and used copper wire to make buckles for the scabbards. My tweezers are crappy, so they didn't come out perfectly round, but I figure the average Celtic blacksmith spent a fair bit of time drunk, so I'm not too fussed over it...

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    Nice sculpt, from which brand is it?

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    The sculpt is from RP models, although when I was looking into some of the minor issues with the casting, I learned about the whole wide world of recasts, and discovered that this one that I'd ordered on Ebay fell under that umbrella. I didn't know there was such a thing, as the topic had never come up in my time painting gaming miniatures. Either way, I figured that probably explained some of the minor issues with the cast. I have a couple more busts in the mail that I ordered a month or so ago, which are probably recasts too, but now that I'm aware of such a thing, I'll be more careful in the future and make sure my money ends up in the actual artist's hands through purchasing the official sculpts.

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    My girlfriend fell into that trap, she was very excited that she managed to find about 6 75mm models for £40 for all of them which immediately set alarm bells ringing, sure enough a bunch of recasts which was a real shame because they're all models I would have loved but theyll take too much effort to fix up and still not look great

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    Yeah I was fortunate in that the quality of the recast in general is very good; there were just a couple tiny details missing (such as the ringlets connecting straps to scabbards) which I expect are not an issue with the official cast (and hence why I wanted to point out that it was a recast, so it didn't reflect poorly on RP Models).

    My only real issue with the recasts is the idea of paying Russian/Chinese pirates (yarrrr, matey) rather than the actual sculptors. Otherwise they'd be a great deal, haha. At least now I know better.

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    Got in a bit of work on the new guy. It's an exceptionally hard mini to photograph, both because of the wingspan, and because I'm going for a cold lighting with pale skin (which just wants to get washed out in pics). Either way, I've done the grunt work on the cloak and the arms. Next up is to start the face..

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    Thanks for the brand (and the information about recast, it's good to know indeed).
    Nice start!

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    looks really good so far. I like textures in the tunic
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    So a small progress update. I've been working to understand the interaction between coloured light (in this case, a blue-ish moon) with various materials/textures and have been slowly applying it to the skin tones (and leather, although I don't have a picture of that yet). Now that the cold portion of the skin and hair and fabrics are blocked in, I've started dissecting how the firelight originating from the figure's front left quadrant is going to work. I've also tried to simulate the flicker of firelight in the eyeballs, and am hoping that OSL in the skin will really reinforce the illusion. Anyways, it's been really interesting so far, and a good learning experience; here's what I've got for now:

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    RP makes some excellent models. The details in the textures are unmatched by any other company. Sadly, most of their figures are English military people that don't sell well here in the US.
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    Outstanding work so far mate... well that’s a huge challenge having a blueish light source and then incorporating a red tone OSL aswell. This is amazing mate and the results of your thorough planning are showing through. All I can say is fantastic painting and keep it coming, as it’s a pleasure watching your work progress.

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    Thanks guys, here's what my hour or two of experimenting last night resulted in. It's still up in the air if it will be convincing when all is said and done, but either way I feel like I'm learning a lot being well outside my comfort zone:

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    This is very cool and inspiring - really enjoying watching this evolve. Thanks for posting!
    pax et bonum

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    this is looking great, being out your comfort zone is working well I reckon. really brave experiment, but you have a good handle on it. it looks great. very nice work
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    You have some beautiful colors developing, including the osl.

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    It looks amazing so far Brian, well done mate

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    Muchos talent brian.

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone, it's been a while since an update, but today's as good as any day. I think I'm mostly finished with the main body, aside from some final balancing and cleanup, so here is where things are at before moving on to the hands and the spear:

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    It's been interesting working with the firelight. I want the 'fire' to be a little ways off in the distance, so I wanted it to tint the backside of the mini without adding a lot of brightness, hoping instead to build my contrast with warmth and saturation compared to the front side. It's been quite a challenge trying to define everything without the wholesale option of "just add a bit of white to make it pop". It's not perfect, but it's been a good experience thus far.

    *edit* Haha, as soon as I posted that I realized I haven't added OSL to the teeth yet- there's something to put on the list for this evening

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    This is really, really nice, Brian. Awesome work!

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