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    This has been perfectly thought out , perfectly weighed, and perfectly achieved. In a word at this point all that is finished is perfect. I’m certain whatever else needs to be brought up to speed of those completed parts will NOT DISAPOINT!!!

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    Thanks a lot BaM! It's definitely way more thought than I've ever put into a project. I managed to get in a couple hours this weekend to paint the spear and touch up some minor things. I repainted the eyes because the direction I had them originally looking didn't make sense once the spear was in his hand. For now I'm calling him basically done. I'll probably see some little things to touch up over the next couple days/weeks, but all in all I figure I mostly accomplished what I set out to do, and would rather move on to the next project than get bogged down endlessly tweaking minor details and blends to perfection. I'll put up one last pic in here for the hell of it:

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    This is exceptional painting...well done man, awesome work!!!

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    Yep lovely stuff, great contrasting tonal shading on the tunic, lovely variation in the skin tones on those arms....Generally excellent understanding of lighting the whole piece.

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    very nice indeed brian, great colours and it does indeed look like he is next to a fire. nice job
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    Real light works going on. Adds much realism to an already convincing paintjib. Well done.

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    That turned out good! I must admit I wasn't expecting you to be at this level when you joined up

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    Agree with the above. Excellent stuff buddy. Keep that high quality up moving forward

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    This isn't miniature painting....this is kick ass awesome artistry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    This isn't miniature painting....this is kick ass awesome artistry.
    Totally agree with this statement

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    Must say: What a stunning work!!! Specially on the front were you dealed with different lights. It's quite mesmerizing. Kudos for you!!
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    Just awesome. The OSL adds so much to story being told.
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    Thanks so much everyone; I really appreciate the feedback. There were definitely some moments where I wished I could just paint skin as skin-colour, and leather as leather-colour, so I'm glad the end result is readable to other people. From the outset of the project I treated it like a big experiment/learning opportunity, and I think that helped me push me through the hang-ups where I either didn't know how to paint what I was trying to represent, or couldn't 'see' if/how everything was going to come together. I'm really excited to move on to the next project now!

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    Hey, so it's been a little while since I've been on here. Work has been super busy, the weather has been nice, and I've been out of town the last couple weekends, but over the last couple evenings I've managed to get started on a new project. It's a pretty simple sculpt, so I figure it's a good one to try and test out some ideas and techniques before translating them to a larger project. Anyways, let me know what you think so far

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    Very nice violet. Intrigued with those duo-tone under-shadows!
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    looks really nice so far, very good light placement
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    Very vivid skintone. I like the cracked leather too.

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    It's been a while since I've posted anything on here; spring has sprung, and biking and work have taken over a little. I have managed to get some more work done on the the bust I have so eloquently named 'Orc-face', so here are a couple quick pics of that progress:

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    Also I made some attempts at taking proper pics of my previously painted busts and posting them to the gallery. Photography isn't my strong suit, but armed with an iPhone, outdoor lighting, and some stitching in MS Paint, I've hopefully at least done the minis justice. Take a look and vote if you feel so inclined! Also let me know what you think about the photos themselves, as I'd appreciate any feedback to improve my crappy photography setup. Until next time!

    *edit- not sure how the extra attached image got stuck in there. Apparently I'm bad at internet
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    Orc-face looks great, man.
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