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Thread: Epics wip saga or something

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    Awesome work on the wings and the metal!

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    Thanks swords..

    well the the conp is tomorrow so a few more details to finish off, like gold bits and I’m done for it.. I’ll getry decent photos after comp...
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    You have done a brilliant job on this man, looks outrageously good!!! Best of luck at comp mate!!!

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    wow thats amazing! seriously amazing work!

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    Such a mind blowing job!!!!

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    Best of luck at the comp. Looking forward those final pictures ^^
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    Goodwth lucketh!!!

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    the finished model looks astounding, really nice work, from the emmets to the flesh colours, love it all.

    good luck in the comp.
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    Good luck mate. One of the best (if not the best) Lords of Change I've seen

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    EPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCC!!!! WHERE YOU AT MUDAH FUCKAH!!!!! You PROMISED you wouldn’t go on one of your MUDDAH FUCKAN EXCURRRRRSIONS( wtf muddah fucka) are you dead alive - are your horizontal with your woman -are you frolicking naked in the Forrest’s foraging for food with butterflies around you only clothed by a fog leaf to protect your jimmy dean from the biting summer breezes !!!

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    hes really nice, i love the colours you picked for him

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