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Thread: State of the Wrath of Kings?

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    Default State of the Wrath of Kings?

    I keep seeing people online posting that WoK is, essentially, 'dead' - that beyond the Book 2 stuff, nothing else is coming.

    But then, I occasionally hear the opposite.

    Do we know what's going on here?

    Are there any previews of 'what's next' out there?


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    It looks pretty dismal, and no one from CMON has really come forward to say anything. Between the total lack or presence at Adeptican this past weekend, the fact that CMON has not updated the official FB page since December, and that just to update RE shipping form the Cyber Monday fire sale (I mean, they even didn't bother posting about new book 2 model releases), and the otherwise complete lack of news, promotion, or basically anything at all, it really does look like a dead game.

    Pretty sad, given that it's apparently died of neglect.

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    The CMON newsletter from a few days ago had March releases from WoK.
    Not sure if those are from book 2 or newer stuff though.
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    they are book2 ones.
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    The news I've heard from talking to people at cons these past two months is that CMON is focusing on the board game Kickstarters. The "one and done"/"no need to worry about supporting a line" model is more attractive to them, especially when coupled with the low risk of a pre-order KS release system. We may see a redux/v2 of the rules but it's definitely not high on the to do list based on what I was hearing.

    Given I haven't seen anything but the first wave in FLGSs for the past four years, there wasn't a single WoK event at Adepticon, and the only thing they brought with them was six or so boxes of each of the three new releases I think this is pretty much all we're getting for the game.

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    It would be nice if someone, ANYONE, from CMON could weigh in and give us an indicator as to the game's future.

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    Ok so, i just stumbled into wrath of kings looking for a conversion platform. Happy with the first box i picked up.

    Is this game even worth investing time in?

    Youtube has like one bat rap in the past 30days, an army showcase in the past 60 days and then everything out side ofva handful of unboxings is like 7 to 9 months old...

    Or should i grab the other 2 boxes, do my conversions and be happy?

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    At this point it seems it's pretty clear the game is now beyond reanimation.

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    pretty much what Aphotic said.

    BUT with the releases from Book1 and 2 there are enough units released to make the games varied enough if it's not your main game and you play it once a month or less. And the rules are ok.
    I mean I invested in hadross and could make 4-5 themes(deepman, jellyfish, sharks, monsters of the deep) without mixing units and quite a few builds with mixing them.

    And with KS+2nd hand+CMON Black Friday deals (especially this) it was pretty cheap to get multiples of everything.
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