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    hello all,

    i have seen this mentioned on here a bit and also in a couple of tutorials I have watched recently. The use of hot and cold hi-lights and shadows. Now Im pritty up on the concept of warm and cold stuff in general and also already tend to mix things up a little on my models, like cold shadows warm lights. But I don't know too much about the subject of mixing warm and cold together. as in warm and cold highlights and warm and cold shadows all on the same model.

    So yeah im wondering if this is something that people have much experience in. id like to learn more, specially about where to place the warm and cold. is there a scheme or pattern? or what. So yeah if anyone has any tips and trick they are willing to share or can point me in there direction of tutorials that go into more of the theory, that will be very much appreciated


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    it really depends on what you want to achive. The mood / setting of the figure. So it's hard to tell like that.

    But a general ballpark: make your shades cold (as cold gives a feeling of distance) and highlights warm (as warm gives a feeling of closeness), BUT there are many cases where it's purposefully switched (like Confrontation Cynwall elves) or done differently (doing a sinus wave on the hot-cold scale. For example: darkest shade: cold, shade: neutral, base: warm, highlight1: warm, highlight2: cold)

    The 2 best sources I've seen on this:
    - Jeremie Bonamant DVD1 (I'd recommend this one for the content even though the pic is aged compared to today's HD films)
    - Figopedia Book (weirdly from Jeremie again) (I highly recommend this one)
    - blogs/websites/FB groups basically repeating what's in the above 2 sources.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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