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    I was watching Vikings last night and as well as following the story, I was examining how light reflects off armour, falls on cloth, shadows faces, etc. Then I was wondering how I could replicate that on a miniature.
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    You'll find yourself doing that more and more, cloth is pretty straight forward, metal can be more difficult, if you look up zenithal priming some people do that to give a guide of how things should look

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    Probably the best thing to do is what your doing. Jarhead always says if you see something “take a photo” watch tv etc and trying to emulate these things will give you the best look to your models.

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    I tried zenithal highlighting on some minis. I don’t have an airbrush so I had to use a spray can. Not sure if I did it exactly right but the shadows are more pronounced.
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    Yussar you did it perfectly!!!

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    Looks good!- you could go a bit lighter (as in less paint, so technically darker ) on the grey depending on how pronounced you want the difference between your highlights and shadows, but that really comes down to personal preference, and end goal for the project!

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    I had a problem while painting Eldessa. Her entire left leg peeled...paint, primer, everything. Not sure what happened there. I'm going to strip her and return to her at a later date.

    Meanwhile, I've been playing around with a 1/10 scale orc bust. This is where I've got to so far...

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    Still a lot of work to do on the eyes, straps, and the metal. I’m not sure if I should use metallic paints or try NMM (although I think NMM would be beyond my abilities at this stage).

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    So far so good!!! You have sketched in some nice contrast into the skin tone already... keep it up mate, and as far as the metallics go, do whatever you feel comfortable doing... if you want to try nmm then go for it, trying it is the only way you will learn how to do it

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    Oh man, that's a nice bust, and it looks like you're doing it justice.
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    Thanks, Chaotic and Meph!

    You're right, of course, Chaotic, the only way I'll learn NMM is to try it lol.

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    Nice! I have this bust on my pile of 'hoping to do soon'. I'm look forward to seeing how this evolves.
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    you have made a very nice start on the bust, really nice contrast. and good colour scheme.
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    Maybe this helps you to decide.
    Look at your last picture, the 4 metal circlets that are "sketched?" they already look like NMM, do not know if they are true metalic or not, due to their high contrast on the picture. Think about it... it might help you!
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    Thanks, guys. I chickened out and decided to use metal paints. :P

    I did some more work on the Orc General today. This is where he's at right now...

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    Did a bit more work on him this morning before work. I think I’m quite pleased with how this is turning out so far. Painting this bust has certainly given me more practice and confidence in putting paint on a mini.

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    Coming along nicely! working with bigger scales helps a lot, it's easier to practice the different techniques because you have way more space than on regular 28/32 mm miniatures. At least it has helped me a lot to understand lots of things!
    On the other hand you might be investing quite a lot more time on them, and they can become a bit overwhelming if you are not ready to face the challenge! So I would recommend having little other projects just in case....xD
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