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    I may be in the minority since I know this is a bit of a hoarders hobby, but I'm wondering what to do with models after I've painted them. I'm not really much of a mini gamer, but really enjoy the painting aspect. My paint jobs generally come up to a decent table top standard: - but I'm nowhere near a competition or commission level painter.

    Ebay is an option, but I'd like to find a home for my work where folks would be stoked to have it, not just drop it in the ol' pot of simple green. Cash is less a concern maybe trades? If so... where? A request and pay what it's worth to you forum? Not sure, wondering if there's anyone else in a similar spot, and what they do with their work once it's complete.

    Thanks! Sorry if that's a bit directionless!

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    Maybe try trading groups on facebook? I'm pretty much in the same boat, once painted my stuff gets put away on a shelf just to get it out of the way

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    Sounds like you are well situated for a symbiotic relationship with a gaming group.

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    Glad I'm not the only one with this issue! I'd quite happily have my mini's out in cabinets. My wife... less so!

    It feels kinda sad that mine live in carry cases/boxes all the time once they're painted. However, I don't really paint mini's that are used by wargamers, I tend not to be inspired by those minis.

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    There are other types of gaming groups than wargamers. I’m connected to one which is happy to use any gonzo thing I paint up.

    It’s kind of like this:

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    You might also check in at your local hobby stores. They may be able to connect you with gamers who'd be interested in your painted work. Aside from wargamers, D&D players or GMs might be interested in a supply of painted figures for their games.

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    Hey thanks guys. I've got a pretty good lgs in the area so I'll probably stop by there and see if I can leave my number. They've got the rotigus I painted in the case there, so maybe I can hook up with a couple folks that way.

    More than anything I'd want to avoid getting pinned to painting 90 boyz/guardsmen/cultists all painted to look like the box art. Hoping to get a "I painted this thing - do you want it?" or "I need a cool single mini" relationship going.

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    D&D groups might be into it, but it's really dependent on the mini's you paint. Sci fi mini's are useless for that, for example. It's how I started though, theoretically to use in D&D games (in reality I've actually used mini's I've painted about twice in 30+ sessions!).

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