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    I'm just getting started and have access to a local Games Workshop where I've gotten all of my paints. I recently got a coupon code for $10 off $20 at Privateer Press, so thought I'd pick up a few pots of their paint. But where to start? I'd love any suggestions on colors from the P3 range that could fill in gaps or that aren't available in the GW line. Do you have any favorites? The "swatches" on the P3 website aren't helpful at all for knowing what a color actually looks like in person, so without your help, I'll just be picking blind.

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    - Sanguine base is a nice deep red
    - menoth white highlight is a good greenish off-white useful for highlighting most colors
    - cryx bane highlight is a nice warm grey to desaturate a color
    - coal black is a deep turqoise useful as a deepest shade
    - midlund and ryn flesh are super for light skintones (altough midlund can be substituted for VMC-RedBeige and Ryn for VMC-LightFlesh/VGC-Elf or Pale flesh)
    - umbral umber : dark brown
    - cygnus or sulfuric yellow: strong yellow that covers relative well (as far as yellows go) if you happen to want to paint something yellow
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    I just picked up the flesh tones from P3 and really like them. They have less of a tanning booth orange tone than bestigor/kislev flesh and solid coverage.

    P3 do seem quite a bit denser than the citadel paints so tinker with them a bit before laying them down.

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    I'd just pick up some bottles of P3 Coal Black. It's really useful as a all-around shade colour.
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    Awesome everyone. Thanks for the input.

    I decided to go with pots of coal black, sanguine base and highlight, and a set that included Menoth White Highlight and a few metallics. I'll keep the flesh tones in mind, but looking around my desk I realized that I don't have any models right now that aren't fully covered in armor.

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    max has covered all my go to colours, but I will add thornwood green, nice de-saturated green, makes a good base for stuff.
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    I'd like to try P3, but they don't make a big color box like Vallejo, and I'm annoyed having to pick 6 or so colors at a time to buy. Give me an option for a big 72 color box like Vallejo makes, and I'd love to try them.

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    to try P3 you'd need only one(or a few) color(s), not all of them.

    As all Akryls are usable with each other the best imho is getting colors that are not available in other paintlines or are hard to mix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAXXxxx View Post

    to try P3 you'd need only one(or a few) color(s), not all of them.
    That's true, but to get a full experience you need to sample the whole line, or at least a good portion of it. One or two colors might not be representative of other colors in the line. A white can be totally different in flow, coverage, pigment, "chalkiness", etc from a bright red, or a green, or a dark brown.

    It's no big deal, I'd just rather have at least the option of buying a larger selection at once.

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