Hi guys! My name is Mario.

I'm going to make a 75mm miniature and wanted to share the journey here with you! One usually doesn't have knowledge of all the work that takes to bring a model to a store, so I wanted to do this as a personal project to get that insight and bring something cool to life. It is going to be a long process (I'm thinking from 6 months to a year), but hopefully, it will be fun and exciting. For the last month I have been contacting producers and artists to get a sense on what things might cost, and I've got a budget to work with.

(Please let me know if this belongs in a blog or another forum section)

The steps are (simplified):

  1. Choose a concept
  2. Contact the concept artist and try to negotiate copyrights
  3. Hire a 3D artist to get the concept translated into a printable master
  4. Print the 3D model
  5. Produce copies

I have a budget for the first 4 steps. For the 5th one, I would like to make a kickstarter so I can place an order to a production company.

The reason to create this WIP is to share the whole process with you and hopefully get feedback and get to know people. I'll also be making a mail list so if you like, send me your email and I'll post important updates.

I've been browsing for a month on concepts and making a list of what I think would be a very cool mini. Here is, by preference, the list of concepts:

  1. Mutant: mechatron
  2. Betty and King
  3. Tellurion
  4. Cosmonaut

The list itself is much bigger, but I'll start contacting the owners of these 4. As soon as I have something to update I'll post it here.

So what do you think? Do you like the concepts? Do you think this is crazy? Please let me know.