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    I bought Whole Lotta Lave.

    on the Hellcat - Nine Lives Ability the description text is a bit unclear.
    “Roll to respawn it at the end of the turn in which it was killed“

    Which die or dices i have to roll and which result brings the cat back?

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    I do not have the rules at hand, but I think that instead of putting the cat on the respawn waiting line, you just put it again into play at the end of the turn on the corresponding respawn token that matches the result of the two dice thrown.
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    Found this in the Kickstarter campaign:

    These monsters are feisty opponents that refuse to give any ground. The legends of cats having nine lives are very true for these hissing felines! When they are killed, you must roll a Defense die. If a Save is rolled, the Hellcat immediately respawns back in the Space where it was, fully healed! If a Miss is rolled, the Hellcat goes to the Spawn Tile normally. Bad kitty!“

    if this is true, they forget to write it on the card.

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    Yup, you are correct, I have checked the rules and the monster cards, but on the cards they respawn as I told at the end of the turn, so, they decided to change the rule on the last minute or they forgot to put it on the manual/cards.

    The info on kickstarter that @kneudel is talking about is on this post: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/arcadia-quest-inferno/posts/1427127

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    I think they changed the rule for the release. Because of I can‘t belief the forget to put 2 rules on the card.
    First which dice to roll AND what happens when you roll a shild or not.

    The current text sound like you have to do the standard respawn rule for the cat at the end of the turn in which it was killed.
    and if the rolled tile is already full it come to the box. That fits with that some cats wasted all of their 9 lives.

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