Mixing NMM with MM on the same model?
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Thread: Mixing NMM with MM on the same model?

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    Question Mixing NMM with MM on the same model?

    Hi all,

    So a friend has asked me to paint a mini for him. The armour is a mix of chainmail with plate mail at the elbows, knees etc. He's wearing a hooded cloak with a cloth shirt. I'd link the model but I've forgotten what make it is lol. Some US company I've not heard of (it's pretty nice and metal too but IIRC fairly expensive to buy here in UK due to shipping etc).

    Part of the brief is that the plate armour is black - preferably a matt finish. The rest is meant to be "earthy colours". One thing I'd like to try is NMM, it's semi unavoidable for the plate armour since it's black, but for the chainmail I'm not sure what to do. For the swords, I fancy giving NMM a crack and that should be a fairly standard process (but my first time).

    So.. would it just look odd to have MM chainmail and NMM everything else? Should I just hold back on NMM for another model, which might be a bit more clear cut?

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    mixing them could work, but mostly if one of them is small (armor NMM, buckles/buttons in TMM).
    As for plate and chain I wouldn't mix them. Go with either of them. Chain NMM migth take a bit more work but will look better if they are the same.
    Or just forget NMM and commit to the TMM side
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Cheers Max, that's kinda what I thought. I can't think I've ever seen chain NMM, or perhaps haven't thought to look at it when I've seen it. Perhaps it's a "next time" thing. Perhaps start with a mainly cloth/leather mini and try the nmm on weapons. Like any mini-holic I have enough mini's to paint for the next year to come (but that won't stop me from buying more! ), so I should have one somewhere...

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    One of the other in my opinion. They are to completely separate styles. Nmm is not too difficult, just really need to understand how light reacts with metal to know where to highlight, same is true for true metallic metals but even more so for Nmm. Painters have been painting nmm for hundreds of years on canvas

    I start small and see how you get on.


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    Banshee has mixed these styles successfully. Iirc, he did a 75 mm Colossus in this way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gohkm View Post
    Banshee has mixed these styles successfully. Iirc, he did a 75 mm Colossus in this way.
    I think gohkm is talking about this one: http://www.coolminiornot.com/376604?browseid=5470793
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    I'd only try it if the TMM object was small

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