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Thread: Why do ratings change, yet vote count is the same?

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    Question Why do ratings change, yet vote count is the same?

    I noticed this some time ago and it happens very often. Lot of models have the same vote count and the next day the overall score changes a lot, yet no new vote was added. For example had mode with 28 votes and a score of 8.1, checked the same model again vote count was still 28 but score went down to 7.2 how does that happen? Multiple people decide to change votes or what? And it's funny since I also saw some overall scores go up but vote count is the same. Can someone explain this?

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    I've heard that after a certain amount of votes the system tries to remove some that might be spammed, usually I hear it about people voting 1 just to drag scores down but it might work for too many 10s if the average vote is in the 7-8 range. Other than that I have no idea, tbh it's best to ignore the scores and focus on the feedback instead

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    There is an algorithm which balances out wildly erroneous scoring along the lines that Sicks mentioned.
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