Hey all, issue 6 of the Illustrated Historical Artist is ready to go. It's 120 pages of wonderfully presented articles by Eduardo Fernandez, Calvin Tan, Fabio Fiorenza, Helen Bourch and Phillippe Giorda. We interview the legendary Bill Horan and present history through miniature in two separate articles by Mauro Cozza and Fabio Nunnari! If that wasn’t enough we have a review of Viriatus by RP Models, Udo Spreng introduces us to the world of the small scale figure, whilst Maurizio Berselli discusses the construction of another of his complex dioramas and Stefano Lancioni, provides his first article since winning Best of Show at Euroma 2018!

You can find it all here: http://figurementors.com/downloads/i...artist-issue-6