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    Default Unable to upload photos

    I'm currently unable to upload any forum images via PC or Mobile to the site...not sure if everyone is having the same problem?

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    Everyone is having the same dilemma bud.

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    Thanks for letting me know BAM.....It will kill this place off completely if we cant all post up our work to share with each other....

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    Same problem here, and also page won’t open on mobile (get a message saying it can’t open due to too many redirections)?
    I have noticed some people are still able to post pics?

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    hope they sort it soon.
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    Having the same problems... (no posting pictures, too many redirections... and also problems at log in)
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    Try now as it’s seems like the system’s been rebooted.
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    Thank you for the update DR.
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    Hey that's a bit old post but I got actually today issue also for upload image ( error saying actually the size is over like 18gb for an image that is in reality =500kb or so ).
    Also trying posting link instead ( dropbox ) end up with message being considered as Spam ..

    Does somebody have that issue currently too ?
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    I am also not able to upload pictures. It says that it is over the 18 gb forum limit, but it is only an 8 kb file

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    I was able to upload a pic a few minutes ago.

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    Same here , I can post photo again, so issue seem to be fixed
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