Feedback for my Kingdom Death miniatures.
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Thread: Feedback for my Kingdom Death miniatures.

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    Default Feedback for my Kingdom Death miniatures.

    Hi, I started painting miniatures again almost a year ago. Last time I painted before then, was when I was in middle school, about 10 years ago.

    I would love some feedback of my Kingdom Death models, in my gallery here:

    I've chosen not to do special bases for them, purely for gameplay and thematic purposes, but with my resin display models (not yet painted) I will do more with.

    Really appreciate any and all feedback!

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    First off, welcome to the forums! You have some great looking minis that must be a pleasure to play with- you should be proud!

    As for feedback on how to take your future display minis to the next level, my biggest piece of advice is more contrast! Contrast can be built in a number of ways, and is something you should really think about as your deciding on a colour scheme for a mini. The basic types of contrast I focus on are:
    1) Light- Light and dark contrast each other... who would have guessed?
    2) Colour- This is basic colour theory, which a quick google search can take you a long way with. In the most basic sense, take colours opposite each other from the colour wheel, and boom, you have colour contrast;
    3) Temperature- Play with combinations of warm (reds, oranges) and cold (blues and turquoises) colours;
    4) Saturation- You can form contrast using the same base colour by tweaking saturation. Use saturated sections (strong pigments) to draw the eye away from desaturated sections (pigments diluted with whites and blacks).

    Once you've addressed the basic contrast between elements on your miniature, start thinking about ways to play with these types of contrast within elements on your miniature. Think, cold blue steel, with warm earthen reflections in the shadows, or saturated, bronzened skin, with drab, desaturated blueish shadows (this one ties in all 4 elements of contrast up above).

    With all this in mind, take a look through some of the top galleries and look for elements reflecting different types of contrast, and think about how they interact. I'm not a big proponent of of copying things down to the recipe, as it kind of bypasses understanding why your mixing the colours in that way, but I definitely promote the idea of taking a colour interaction or general scheme that you really like the look of, and trying to roughly recreate a similar effect! Based off your minis, it's clear that you are working from a strong base skillset as far as laying down smooth even coats, cleanly delineating surfaces, and keeping your blends soft, so it should be more theoretical than technical for you to start incorporating more depth and interest into your colour schemes!

    Sorry to ramble a little; hopefully that helps!

    *Edit* I forgot to add, my most important piece of advice is to start a thread in the WIP Forum! There are a ton of knowledgeable, skilled painters who are happy to help and offer advice. It's also much easier for everyone to just scroll through your pics if they're posted all in the same thread, as opposed to clicking through the windows of the gallery
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