Issue with the green horde miniatures
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Thread: Issue with the green horde miniatures

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    Default Issue with the green horde miniatures

    I have recently received my zombicide:green horde I backed on kickstarter, and am slightly worried about a small but very pronounced "injection mark" that is present on all miniatures
    I'd like to know whether this is common or a particular case, and how should I solve it(sanding, cement, or even seeing if CMON would issue me a new set)
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    hi there, do you have any photos of the miniatures - I cant remember my ZGH with any problems - I will check now....

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    there's a plastic "barb" on some, on other's it's just what looks like a stress mark
    they are on the fatty's calf, on the walker's thigh, on the necromancer's skirt and on johannes' boot(johannes also shows some rough excess plastic on the boot).
    I'm not sure I can show them precisely on the pictures, but here they are
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    I'm mostly worried because some look like stress marks, and those are hard to remove(at least for my current skill level)

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    I have a few figures like that. I use a sharp hobby knife and just cut the bit off as close as I can and then do a light sanding. The primer and paint will hide the stress discoloration. If you are not planning to paint them, I would just leave them be.
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    oh, right
    it surprised me because I got the main boxes from the classic zombicide and they don't show stuff like this
    I guess I'm overreacting

    I'm mostly worried with the dwarf guy, since his mark is in the middle of the cape furls, but I guess "cut and file" is the way

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