Wow a Farce Book thing that”s accurate......
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Thread: Wow a Farce Book thing that”s accurate......

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    Default Wow a Farce Book thing that”s accurate......

    1 January - Dragon

    January - Dragon
    If you were born in January then you have a personality which is meant to soar higher than others. A fire in your belly and fire in your soul, you are the kind of person who aspires higher and rises beyond humanity to catch your dreams. You are someone who has rage within but you also know how to tame it and to channel it in a way that makes you a fearsome soul - worth respecting. You are, through and through, a Dragon soul and the Dragon is your soul symbol.

    Tee hee.
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    Well if we go by Chinese zodiac signs I'm a water boar... or pig depending on translations. But I don't need a zodiac to tell me that!

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    What about the other dates? and where you get this one?

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