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Thread: My new painting journey after a 7 year break

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    after 5 attempts in getting the gold right i think i have settled on the right blend! the gold piece on his shin and the bit dangling in the middle is finished, i might tweak a bit here and there but i am pretty happy with it. the rest of the gold bits are at different stages atm. The eagle in the middle needs a bit of shadow done and it should be finished soon while the top of the torso has just been base coated.
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    quick update. I haven't had much time painting the last week or so due to my car blowing its diff

    started doing the robe on his back trying to put texture on the gold and not just painting it flat. pretty happy with it so far also did more of the white/chrome armour.
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    Ahhh blown diff, you need to lay off the burnouts that sucks mate, and a crappy job changing them out too.

    Anyways, The robe is looking really good, and the imperial crest looks brilliant. This guy is really coming along great, and is going to be an epic mini when complete. Awesome work so far...

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    Yeah its annoying i knew it was going to go eventually, i was hoping for another month out of it as i have another car just about ready to go on the road. Lucky its diff was relaced by the previous owner so i dont need to worry about it as much

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