Hey y'all

New to the forums here. I just wanted to say I had a fantastic time at my first CMON Expo. I have become very impressed with the diversity in the CMON Catalogue and was able to try a ton of new games at the Expo! What were your favorite plays this year? Anything surprise you? Here are my favorite games from this year's Expo.

1. Most surefire hit- Council of 4- I knew I'd like this one coming in. I knew I wanted to buy it before I got to CMON Expo. But I was so pleased to get to try it. And the girl who ran the demo was fantastic!!! (I'm sorry I didn't get her name!) Her enthusiasm was infectious and really drew players into the game. I ended up buying it the first day.

2. Most pleasant surprise- Way of the Panda- This one felt like an old Rio Grand route building game with the CMON High quality treatment. I love worker placement games and was so pleased at how smooth this one played, yet how spatial and thinky it is. I also wanted to buy it and it came in the Swag Bag! NICE CMON! THANK YOU

3. Hidden gem- Richard the Lionheart- This game reminded me of A Study in Emerald... but was so much better. It gets rid of the fiddliness and plays much more tense and fun. The end of the round card flipping is a constant wave of "what's going to happen!?!?!" It added a lot of excitement and... loud shouting moments... into our game! I ended up buying this one too.

What about everyone else!? What were your favorites and surprises?