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    Hi guys,

    Does anyone have or know where I could get one of the varanguard horses for a project I have in mind? I'e just started painting again after a pretty bad shoulder injury that stopped me from doing any good quality work and I need a challenge to get remotivatec.

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    Would you have done mate-and welcome back!!!

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    Hi BAM I busted my shoulder in the gym trying to up my 1 rep max on bench press...lost grip strength and my hand was shaking to the point of not being able to paint any detail at all. Thankfully that is behind me now and I'm pretty much recovered from it. I'm building a vampire Lord for AoS death army and decided to build another to paint for display only so wanted a swankier horse for him to ride lol. Hope you been keeping well man

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    Rogue take it from me please stop the 1rm and use a 5 - 6 rep max. It equals out and it’s the same strength gauge only much safer. Unless your performing “ON THE PLATFORM” which is a term is powerlifters use for competing than do not train for power other than the 5-6 rep max. Iow if your not thing to get your power up to compete in a 1rm than honestly three no reason to venture there . Also cycle out your training called periodizatiin 8-12 week intervals. Train for core stability, than strength ( 8 eeeks strength endurance /8 weeks max strength ( max strength is NOT MAX POWER IT NEVER USES 1rm it uses 5-6 rm) . Than repeat back to core stabilization. I’ve been a certified strength and conditioning coach a looooong time. You saw my shoulder take a beaten and as you get older tendon straight , elasticity and structure slowly deteriorate. Don’t let happen to you what happened to me. My body is now destroyed and was so at 38. If I could do it again ide listen to the templates and routines I just gave you and not have my love and passion for powerlifting and Olympic lifts take over my psyche. I’m glad your ok just think about why you do things and consider the damage they may sustain. If you need any help with this weather it’s program design etc let me know I’ve done this kinda thing and converted at the highest level, was part of the 1000, pound club in reverence to the bench , squat, and dead. Now I can never train again and I simply look to inform people of the proper way to go about gaining strength , , hypertrophy or strength endurance. Certain folks look for certain things. Just give a holler and I’ll be there to help out if you need. please take care of yourself I’m glad your back painting.

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