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    >Hi guys,<br><br>Does anyone have or know where I could get one of the varanguard horses for a project I have in mind? I'e just started painting again after a pretty bad shoulder injury that stopped me from doing any good quality work and I need a challenge to get remotivatec

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    looked through the few remaining bit sites + e(vil)bay.
    bit sites: nothing from this kit
    ebay: 1 assembled for 20 euro, boxes for 80 euro
    gw site: 80 euro for a box

    so at this point I'd say simply buy one from GW. Or a LFGS if you can get 10% or more off the msrp.
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    Yeah I've made an offer on one off ebay but no reply yet. Thanks for looking man

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    Not sure where you are located, but here is one I found in the UK for 48 pounds: https://www.waylandgames.co.uk/chaos...nights-of-ruin
    Or $85 on Amazon if you are in the US.
    Or this one on Ebay (from France) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Warhammer-C...-/372244354621
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    the ebay one looks good for the price if you want only one mini from the three, but the way shipping is set up makes it weird .
    seller in france, ships worldwide except whole of eu, australia, canada... so basically ships only to USA.
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    I didn't even notice that it said shipping excludes those areas. Okay maybe forget the Ebay one, although it is funny that it is in France and the person won't mail it to France...

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