Anyone know any good colorwheel app
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Thread: Anyone know any good colorwheel app

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    Default Anyone know any good colorwheel app

    I wanted to hear if anyone of you knows of any good color wheel apps.
    What i am Looking for is something that covers most color theory from saturation to complimentary colors.

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    nice one ghool, thanks.

    But at the same time:
    - imagining the color wheel is simple (if not look at a googled image and remember it)
    - complementary color = color on the opposite side of the wheel
    - saturation = how strong (pure) the color is
    - basically there are 3-4 schemes that are used (complementary, split complementary, triad, tetrad(rarely used)), not much to learn.

    Really, it takes 10 minutes at most to learn what that app can do.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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