HEROIC SCALE. Orc and Goblin Miniatures.
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Thread: HEROIC SCALE. Orc and Goblin Miniatures.

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    Post HEROIC SCALE. Orc and Goblin Miniatures.

    Hey everyone!
    Happy to show you our miniatures.
    Orc Warlord, 57mm.
    Includes two replaceable heads on magnets. And also a hammer and an ax handle are also on magnets.

    A lifetime of battle has honed the Orc Warlord into the barbaric majesty who stands before you. His face a constant, arrogant sneer, knowing that he can crush all enemies beneath his iron-hard hands. He gestures defiantly at his enemies, daring any who might be brave enough to challenge him to step forward.
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    Now, you can lead your armies with an unforgettable Orc warlord, or have one of our goblins sneak through the back lines.

    Name:  28mm Warlord_Ruler28mm-Warlord-2.jpg
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    There are no limits, as you command the greenskin hordes!
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    Kenny from Next Level Painting gives us an unusual take on our Orc Warlord. Instead of the purple clothes of a king, the Orc bears the purple skin of a conqueror.
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