I'm looking for some conversion part suggestions! I have some Shieldwolf Shieldmaidens that I want to convert into using 2 handed weapons. I'm trying to make an all female AoS Slaanesh Slaves to Darkness army with them. I'm going to turn some of them into either Marauders or Chaos Warriors (I haven't decided which yet), and I was I want to make some of them into Chaos Chosen. I have some Sister of Silence heads to use on them for the Chosen conversion, but I need some proper weapons for them to use. The kits themselves only come with 1 handed weapons or crossbows. Chosen only have 1 weapon option, and that's a 2 handed axe. I would be happy with any type of 2 handed, but would prefer a axe or polearm of some sort over a 2 handed sword. I would also prefer ordering just the parts instead of buying a complete kit to scavenge parts from if possible. I'm going to need enough to do about 15-20 models.