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    Hi everyone,
    I bought the game some time ago, and now seeing the site i have some questions

    First of all, on the "heroes" and "promo heroes" section there are some "extra" characters, how can i obtain that ones?

    And second, there is some place that people share variant to play arcadia?

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    No clue how to do that either yet. I'm not sure if there's such thing.

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    Arcadia Quest started as a kickstarter game, then as a kickstarter there are a lot of components/heroes that were just produced for the kickstarter bakers, so there is plenty of "limited edition" heroes and items. I suppose you could find them on the webs... ebay mainly I suppose or second hand shops.
    Although there are some boxed sets of heroes (one or two figures and cards in each set) that were designed to sell on the general market alongside the Arcadia Quest games.

    There are some posts with variants here on these forums, just have a search, at the moment, I just can recall this two:

    But specially a couple of threads that I cannot find (if you search you'll find them for sure) that include a lot of scenarios to play, done with a great skill by this user@BelialSpain.

    Alternatively you can also have a look at the Board Game Geek under the Arcadia quest, I am sure you'll find there lots of info too... (maybe more than here)

    Hoping to be of help mates! I love Arcadia, it's a great game and I had tons of fun with it.
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