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    Default Old Great Unclean One - WIP

    Hi guys, I found this old GUO in my parents basement, decided I'd try painting it

    Very early wip, let me know what you think and any cool ideas to make this one pop on the table!

    Will definitely be trying new techniques and taking my time for once.

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    lol is it that bad?

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    Give it time. I find that sometimes, one off posts are slow to garner comments. Post WIPs for yourself, the comments will come.

    Its looking good so far. As you said, it's very early WIP. Keep it up, looking forward to your next post.

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    Looking not bad but kinda flat. Try pushing the contrast on the green like using a dark brown to darken the it and a yellow to highlight. If you use the brown from the bone bits then it will link it all together.

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    Did a bit of work last night, tried to push the highlights. Do you think the skin needs more work? What should I do with the eyes to make them... evil ? cool ?

    I also reshaped the chain with the skulls to make it look more like it is swinging

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    looking much better! well done bud I would do a red dots for the pupils in his eyes this should give him a meaner/demonic look. check youtube for painting tutorials and ideas to help you archive the look that you want .keep up the good work!

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    Those retro Nurgle minis look tough as old boots! Nice work on it though, I always think it must be difficult to keep things distinct on them

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    half of the time I am not even sure if its a maggot or some skin part

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    It looks better and better . It depends honestly where your looking to stop . Some folks increase highlights up to white with many intermediate layers in between. If it’s for the TT ide recommend to stop where you think it looks good enough. A common routine is that display painters go up to white or white mixed into their highest skin highlights at that point if it looks to white they glaze a general glaze over the entire skin surface to being the color back it. If your looking to improve than try these things out. It’s the only way to gain experience.

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    Looking much better already!

    It's really scary pushing highlights up, as you think you might ruin your hard work. I constantly have to force myself to do it and I still don't take it far enough.

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    looking good, nice and tidy painting. BAM has the right of it as far as when to stop goes
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricardo523 View Post
    Looking much better already!

    It's really scary pushing highlights up, as you think you might ruin your hard work. I constantly have to force myself to do it and I still don't take it far enough.
    Exacly, i used a super bright almost neon green to highlight as the other darker greens just didn't do anything. I was scared about the crappy look, so tested on a small part of the model and it work pretty well. There are still some parts I need to hit with that highlight, but I don't want to push it much higher as I like it like this. Then will need to finish all the details

    Any tips to make the eyes evil looking?

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    Did a bit more work on it yesterday.

    Do you prefer the Saliva or Blood version?

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    Name:  IMG_7272.JPG
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    Also tried some rusting effect (just some orange with lots of water in the recesses, I don't have any fancy rust pigment stuff):

    Name:  IMG_7281.JPG
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    Also tried something on the base, with some paint under a coat of PVA glue, but I am not super happy about it after seeing it fully dry this morning.

    The green kinda disolved on the rock edges making the neon green dissapear Anyway I can salvage this?

    Name:  IMG_7289.JPG
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    you could always try painting the neon green over the top it then using a gloss varnish to make it shiny and liquid looking

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    After some advice from fellow painters on FB, I tried some Nurgle Rot and varnish:

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    not super happy with the effect, but that will do for now.

    What do you guys think?

    Also, any feedback on the Saliva or Blood? I know the saliva is more 'accurate' for a Nurgle model, but the blood has better contrast and at tabletop view, it is visible.

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    Good save on the base. I think the saliva looks better than the blood. If you are still looking for some color pop, perhaps fluorescent greet saliva

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    I'll keep the blood. I like it and didn't like the saliva as I couldn't really see it. Also, the glue dried a bite white and not transparent so it was a bit weird.

    Need to finish off the base now.

    In the meantime, look what finally arrived!

    No more excuses for crappy blending

    Name:  IMG_7377.JPG
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    Finally made a bit of progress on my base and reworked the nurgle rot tones. Still wip on the painting. Not sure how to pain the horns on the guy drowning, any suggestions?

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    I also followed the tips I see here, and tried shading an Ork green skin with some purple. It really works well and is super simple

    Name:  Okr face.jpg
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    Last night I finally opened my June edition of White Dwarf (didn't even finish reading the May edition...) and came across this picture:

    Name:  IMG_7612.JPG
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    This is part of a piece by Robin McLeod, you all probably know him for his Golden Demon entries, but me being still a noob had never heard of him. I though 'wow this is exactly what I had in minde when I did my base', but of course my execution is nowhere near as good.

    I tried this product below to give a bit more texture to the nurgle pool, but it dries kinda flat.

    Name:  IMG_7613.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_7614.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_7615.JPG
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    I found Robin on Facebook and sent him a message to see if he would be kind enough to share his recipe. In the meantime, do you guys have any tips on how to achieve the wave like structure?

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