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    Hi chaps and chapesses,

    Started painting the dark souls board game minis last year and thought I'd share some piccies.

    I'll start off with my most recent, the Winged Knight.

    Happy glazing!

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    welcome, nice opening mini I like the colours you have in the metal. very nice
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

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    Thank you kindly. Here are a few of my others, not the best photography I’m afraid.

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    Welcome to the forums. You have some nicely painted minis.

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    The NMM looks awesome and you've really captured a dark brooding tone.

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    Thanks , I was going for a darker look for sure.

    http://www.coolminiornot.com/427261 if anyone wants to vote.
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    I really like what you've done so far! I've always been a big fan of the Dark Souls games. How do you find the quality and detail of the minis? I wish someone would make a super high end 75mm sculpt of Dancer, or Smough and Ornstein, or maybe Artorias. A boy can dream, right? Keep up the good work and you're going to have a lovely game to play

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    Thanks! The mini quality is not the best I've seen but not the worst either. They require no assembly which is nice. Some clean up of mould lines a must, and I think I've missed a few too. The game is OK to play but you really need a good chunk of time and someone that's into dark souls (2 things I lack). Mainly got it for the minis.

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    Nice looking set of minis Leo. I especially like the glazed tints on the winged knight's armour.


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    Thanks pal! I’m finding out about colour glazes on metal, they add a nice depth to the model don’t they

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    Early WIP of the Dancer in the Boreal Valley. Trying OSL to light the underneath with the sword's glow and green/blue light from above. Tricky one this and I've restarted many times over but starting to look a bit closer to what I wanted, although maybe a bit toop saturated for this model. Oh well, I'll post more when she's further along.

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    I like all the color nuances you work into your metals.

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