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    last up for today ..I work a bit more on the base , wash and also started adding water texture.
    started the figure as well, base color for now..., got some weird result with the dark blue from scale75 fantasy I end up mix it with black leather from scale color for the frog cloths..

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    Nice bright color on froggy and the base is starting to really shape up.

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    Wow! That frog base is looking very nice. This will be a beautiful diorama, once finished.

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    looking great so far. good colour scheme and the base is looking excellent
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    thanks everybody.
    finished with the figure base color.. starting shading
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    base update , I added my various little props elements also added some tree stuff and the water pit is now completely filled..I will have to wait a good 24 hours so I can manipulate the base without take the risk of see the water texture run away

    Once ok, the rest will be to add couple wash / texture effect and finish to fill stuff , also couple pass of dry brush for the rocks
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    That base is looking really nice. Looking forward to seeing the figures finished up and added. Great work!
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    Finally, going to close that project..worked on the base and teh figure , need to make a fancy picture now for the gallery

    Here the figure alone finished
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    The base, actually I wanted to have a more bluish / white color overall, the clear transparent was cool to see under water but not too obvious, however I make the mistake to do the coloration on the top which kind of kill the clear / transparent effect.
    lesson learned , next time I will either do a pass of colored water on the bottom or simply base coat the hole with the color I want to show through
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    and finally the guy and base together
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    What a lovely scene, it’s awesome, well done!!! Hey just wondering what figure that frog guy is, I really like that sculpt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    What a lovely scene, it’s awesome, well done!!! Hey just wondering what figure that frog guy is, I really like that sculpt?
    Thank you !
    The figure is from DarkSword Miniatures

    I really like their animals series , very cute.

    I posted on the gallery :

    But I put my final "for the fun" final composition ..I am not a photoshop master lol , but that's feel nicer than solide color background
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    That came together very nicely. Congrats.

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    Full of character and colour. Real fairytale feel
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    Wow, that project really levelled up quick! It's incredible how much life you brought into the project in the few days following the June 21st update! Great work

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    not a wip , still have remaining wizkids figure so i decided to get them finished, and first with the second gemale elf paladin..also testing a snowy base things in the same time

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    Great job on your 2 vignettes. I like the ork and frog. waiting to see the snow vignette.
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    Hi, so I am starting that scene that I had in mind..( still working at finishing my last Wizkids monk figure by the way ).

    All Reaper minis, finally I can get to what I received couple week ago

    Just put reference of the minis here for those interested :

    - Beastman Champion : 77254
    - Crusader Champion : 77550
    - Sigurd Viking : 77399
    - Ogre Clubber : 77454

    Those are the 4 protagonist of that scene.

    I set my size to be 190mm x 19mm x 200mm , just so I can fit that later in the display box I can get here.

    Though this is not set in stone regarding the environment , I certainly going to go for a rocky / snowy landscape.

    for now I just put my set in place for the overall position of each figure.
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    Name:  reaper_diorama_03.jpg
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    This is going to be a long project I think but hopefully end up well !
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    You’re not short of ambition! Great start to your thread so far. Keep us updated!

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    thanks Hairster, hope I am not too ambitious with that one but I will take my time.

    I cutted some pieces and tighten my layout , need for the glue to dry so I can shape the 2 platform...while waiting I may start priming the minis

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    Nice work! The grass tufts are very effective!

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    small progress , added couple elements to the base to fill the space
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