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Thread: The "fresh to the hobby guy" WIP book

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    Looks really good, great diorama

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    finally..near the end ..last step final touches and photos stuff
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    it is time to call it done, i will try and take better shot tomorrow, also put some bacground image like the frog if i found something interesting.
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    Ok one closed a bit hard time to actually finish it..take way longer than I expected ..
    here my last pic of it ( and I submitted in the gallery as well )

    Thanks guys for all the comments and feedback on this
    Going to take a break with diorama and go back doing couple minis painting with much simpler base haha.

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    Hi guys, so just because I love touching everything haha and to cut a bit form painting ( though almost finish with a reaper beast champion paint..the one left over from the last diorama ...)..I started to mess with clay stuff ..quite fun actually haha.

    I have no idea how this will end up anyway and that's ok for me to fail , that's just for practice and such and get a feel for it.
    I started trying to do some kind of carnivore plant things ( also looking at a thread here for a step octopus like sculpt so just trying to avoid the "anatomy" things for now..)

    I may have some trouble with lower jaw..did nothing to support it but hmm will see xD..
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    last painted guy..reaper bones beastman champion..

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    oops forgot the pics...xd
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    The beastman turned out nice and I like the base on your diorama.

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    thanks KruleBrear

    So i had a little set of minis in my box..and I started paint a set of lust elves from TGG Raging Heros..just because I like pain haha..well those minis are super small xd..anyway started applying my main color, with dfor the flesh the undercoat color.
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    started to work a bit on the skin for one and somewhat test out..still very sketchy for now..., I hope I dont fall into crazyness before finish them xd

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    keeping messing around for the skin, i think I am going to go with that and do the other 4 the same.
    also added an undercoat of emerald green on helmet and sword stuff..have to see how it will goes once applying still on top xd....
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    Nice and I am impressed you were able to get all the mold release of these minis to get the paint to stick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    Nice and I am impressed you were able to get all the mold release of these minis to get the paint to stick.
    thanks, to be honest those minis are painful haha, I put them in hot water + soap for 1h if I remember , brush a bit and wait for they dry so I don't see much issue then to apply paint ( since I also spray them ).
    However manipulating them one of the long sword handle broke , so had to fix that..look like the material is quite not flexible break like glass on thin part if you force a bit .

    Just added skin tone to other for , so now I am going to keep and get the skin done before moving on the next parts
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    keeping working on this guy too, just added teeth, going to do a preliminary bake to harden that and keep on for the teeth gum and refine with sanding

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    small up on those girls, just couple brighter shade on skin and also start some shade on the armor cloth parts
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    and also added gum for my plant teeth things
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    worked on my sculpt a tiny bit and shape some more the head
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    Audrey II looks fantastic, and the girls are coming on well. Keep it up mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    Audrey II looks fantastic, and the girls are coming on well. Keep it up mate
    Audrey II ? haha you give it a name ...

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    Couple details added to the head, some disgusting bulb things ...
    Going to work a bit on mouth side, smooth that head a bit and do another bake so I can then take care on the "neck" like part.
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