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    Time to get on the defender dwarf boss to finish those little dude finally !
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    Time to call it done ..
    So now that all my dwarf are done , it's time to take care of those wraiths from runewars..
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    had this guy on my while meditating before starting fire up teh airbrush for the 4 wraiths ..I got some distraction trying to skin this dude
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    Ok so I started on one of the wraiths and though I am not really doing OSL here..I wanted to try to give a shot have doing a broad undershade light / shadow in a more directional way of course...
    Honestly I don't know how this is going to turn haha ..If I fail miserably well I will just re-prime.
    I guess I will know when starting applying color over it
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    Its a technique called zenithal priming. I do it with almost all my minis now. Your base coats should cover it up while still giving the coating a transition of lights and darks. So if you painted a red base coat you will end up with a dark, med, and light red right with just the base coat. It is also helpful by giving you a map of light and dark areas to work with when you are doing your shading of the model.

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    @Guawol thanks for the explanation, I knew about zenithal but look to me this is most of the time being applied in all direction , less with directional source..but yeah process at the end do not differ much.

    I started with the body of my wraith..not sure at the end ..the preshading made really add something least it kind of helped to place various tint.
    Also used seriously that pk-pro putty i had..pretty cool stuff , this is mostly like using clay ...and peel super easy. Handy stuff.
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    I stayed in a triad of yellow ochre mostly with some mix with dark blue grey for what should be the ost in shadow.
    I will let it dry well and the rest of the details I will do using a good old brush ..then will come those clothes !
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    worked on the dress haha, I think I will need a slight second pass as one side is very saturated for my taste..
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    up on the wraiths boy
    I get all of them their skin color ( well the 1st one look a tad bit different )
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    Also desaturate a bit the right side of the clothing for the 1st I did since that was a bit hurting my eyes.
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    getting done with all 4 wraiths ( for airbrush thing at least ) , the first one well I may give him another correction cause it look more pale than the 3 other..or maybe some glaze will do it ..
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    worked on the wraith skin part, little up
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    forgot the pics haha
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    Looking good mate. Nice contrast between the greenish skin and pinky-purple robes. Great so far!

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    @Foxtail, @Guawol , thanks guy.

    Little up, I redid the first one robe as it was overal more pale than the 3 others.
    also base the slot, will need to redo a pass on those once i put the figure on those and base as well the minis too.

    Now I am left with getting the weird spot on the robes, since the airbrushing was not perfect, so missed spot , not so good transition to try to soften xd, also couple highlight on some fold may be good
    Once that done , i guess I can say I am finished with those.
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    wraiths are finished, so tomorrow will be pass of varnish , put them on the slot and final touch up on those slot.
    So I work a bit on the barbarian guy and his cloak

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    Gr8 job buddy!!! Keep progress coming !!!

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    Whoa, I was not expecting that purple, but it has awesome contrast with the earthy skin tones.

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    @BloodAsMedium , thanks , yeah I try to keep them coming ( still plenty of minis waiting for me in my boxes )
    @KruleBear, thanks, actually at first I wanted to go for more pale overall tone but it turn out as is

    Well I am done with those guys finally , it have been fun to paint them and give me opportunity to fire up the airbrush for more than zenithal priming or base coat .. but still need some serious practice !

    Getting those guys sit properly on the slots was a bit of a challenge , those are super tight..and you better look at the box to see who they arrange them cause with those robe clothes you can't really do what you want regarding which minis goes side by side each other !

    Well once put in they are really sit firmly in the slot, however you better not remove them and put back too often or the paint of the mini base will likely to cheap off.

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    keeping the brush hot , so I made some progress on barbarian and also started some work on a scale75 mini I have since longtime

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    I am done with the barbarian dude at least for paint, since it's been a while I did not touch putty / clay , I decided to make a custom base for him.
    So simple 40mm MDF base and then sculpted a little base , also added couple elements for decoration.
    After this dry I can then finish it for good

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