well all out thare me just did do two war lord tacks and in 28 mm and gess what yes thay do not fit in 4ok sale why is that you think that 4ok sale is 28 NO WHAY its more 32 mm and vehices are in 128th or you ues 148th but dont get 28mm vehices from war lord or others that look good to 156th sale is not good to smail what a pain in but just not whight wish some one out thaer say get rid of trew 28mm and ues the hiroic one just nuts well you see my war lord tanks on redgreen09 on you tube ( shames plug LOL ) yes just not fare like the models frome that and look good to whas going to get butch more and like the kit bash buch of WW 2 kits bash em and ues em as IGs well lave at that let see what happens just do not view it say stuff and yes go to tube and see my vids