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Thread: WTS: Rackham Confrontation Cynwall Titan Dragon

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    Default WTS: Rackham Confrontation Cynwall Titan Dragon

    I'm currently selling some old stuff and I came across my beloved Cynwäll Titan Dragon made by manufacturer Rackham.
    It's the following one:
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    This image is painted by Rackham. Mine is assembled but only has a matte black basecoat and a white dusting, because I always was afraid of painting it - so it the depths are dark and the higher parts are a bit lighter. I can take a picture if I come home to my parents again.
    It's the very rare Titan, not the "small" regular Cynwall Dragon. Size comparison to other Rackham Miniatures see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqh00yVRSF4 (Not my video)

    It comes with all the cards required for gaming. And I'm not 100% sure, but I think i still own the original carbox in which the dragon was delivered.

    The Cynwäll Titan was worth 200€ on release, which was like 1 year before Rackham went bankrupt. I think this was 2005 or something like that. After that it was not produced anymore. So this dragon is extremely rare, regarding the fact, that even then it was only produced in very limited quantities. I have not seen any Titan for sale for years.
    It's located in Germany.
    It's made out of resin.

    How much is it worth? Is there anyone who wants to buy something like that? I can ship worldwide in a heavily padded parcel to avoid damage.

    Best regards
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    The Titan Dragon is still available from CMON. Your version is also no longer pristine.

    I reckon it would be less valuable than the CMON version, but I'm no expert in valuation.

    I would consider buying yours depending on your asking price.
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