Trying to get my painting mojo back.
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Thread: Trying to get my painting mojo back.

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    Default Trying to get my painting mojo back.

    I haven't properly painted a mini in what seems like a long time, just finished this one at the weekend and I'm looking for some honest critique on it.

    I tried to push myself a bit with the NMM etc. so I'm particularly looking for tips on how to improve that.

    Thanks for taking the time to have a read and hopefully a look at the mini too.

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    Looks great to me. Can't give any advice really because it's way better than I can achieve!

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    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

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    That is rather nice. NMM looks good in general and I really like that little waterfall. Don't know about the scale "loin armor". Perhaps those scales could be darker, and only the tip/edge of the scales would be painted with lighter gold tone. That is one advise that comes to my mind, but it doesn't look bad as such. Some painters paint nmm scalemail so that those small scales would also reflect surroundings. But it can be very tedious task

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    My advice is to worry less about feedback, and to just keep painting.
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    Default Everything looks great

    As for feedback on nmm- if you really want to get more proficient at this I recommend one thing. There is a fantastic artist on here named Andy Gillespy - AndyG is his screen name .he has a thread and he is by far imho the best NMM Painter in the world. He knows it well and he’s always looking to help give recipes, feedback etc. Get on his thread and subscribe and you’ll see what I mean bud.

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    I’ve had a long look at the picture, very little is “wrong” with it, but I think you’ve fallen into the same “trap” I have often enough.
    The composition is set in a ‘C’ shape and the eye ends up on blank space.
    If the figure had been to the right you’d have completed a circle giving the eye a nicer ‘flow’ around it.
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    I really like it! I love the bold figure and the cute owl above, really nice. The only thing I can think of as a comment would be to focus more on the 'mojo' element, to find things that inspire you again. Or perhaps there is a blockage?
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