Declaring actions during a combined activation
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Thread: Declaring actions during a combined activation

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    Default Declaring actions during a combined activation

    Do you have to declare what each model is doing with their action during a combined activation before any of them act? Or can you declare one at a time? I know you resolve the actions one at a time, I am just curious at what point you get locked into an action.

    For example, if you have two models engaged with an enemy, could you declare a group activation, declare that you will be doing your action before your maneuver, and then have the first guy attack- if he misses, then have the second guy attack - if he succeeds, have the second guy sprint?

    Or, in the example above, would I have to announce that both would be attacking, and if the first guy kills the enemy, my second guy does nothing?

    Pointing me to the rules that clear this up would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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    no you don't have to declare. The important thing is that all members of a Group activation have to do the their activation in the same order. so first move then Action or Action then move. you can't mix that up

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