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Thread: Restock?

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    Default Restock?

    I'm brand new.. does anyone know how often they restock starter boxes? Lookin' at skarrd..

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    No one knows.

    Most likely almost no one at CMON knows.

    But what CMON is - or isn't - doing with Dark Age feels rather ominous.
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    So this seems like a common topic, are there general times during the year that they seem to restock the inventory (holidays etc.) or does it seem to be random?

    I have just started looking into Dark Age and cant find anywhere to purchase the Salt Flat Nomads miniatures

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    Yeah I am thinking about finally taking the plunge into Dark Age, but no clue where to go to actually get models if I can't even get them from the company.

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    The only thing I've heard about restocks was from a retailer on the Facebook group ("Samaria Reborn", which is where most of the community seems to live these days) who said that CMON told them there wouldn't be any restocks until the new year at the earliest. It's disappointing.

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    80% off what stock they do have feels like a bad sign too...

    I hope I’m wrong, of course, because Dark Age is, hands down, the best skirmish game I’ve ever played, with some of the best looking miniatures around too!
    Nil nos tremefacit.

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    Agreed, it's certainly not filling me with a lot of confidence. However, someone on the Facebook group also mentioned today that CMON is looking for Legion folks to do Dark Age stuff (running demos, I think) at AdeptiCon. The last I'd heard about Legion was that they weren't doing anything Dark Age related, so that sounds like a positive change. I'll wait and see before getting super-excited though.

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    I hope this is really happening, and that this means CMON hasn't abandoned Dark Age.
    Nil nos tremefacit.

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