The Ancient King is no more, and now his scions battle for control of his throne. War erupts across the lands of Arikania, but who will succeed? The spartan Nasier? The alien forces of Hadross? The nightmare empire of the Goritsi? The magical forces of Shael Han? Or the humanum revolution of Teknes?
Bring your forces and battle it out in this one-day event of up to 5 rounds.

This event will be run using the Conquest of Kings tournament system, accessible in the Download section of the Wrath of Kings web page:

Players must bring two copies of their core list and options, as detailed in the Conquest of Kings document. One copy will be turned over to the event organizer, you will retain the other to share with opponents each game. Please also make sure that you bring Motivation cards or sheet for reference. Keep in mind that each motivation can only be played once during the event. A printable list of Motivations can be found at:

How Do “Options” Work?
A frequently asked question. When you build your list, the “Core” list section for the Skirmish level will have 3 ranks of Leaders, 18 ranks of infantry, and 2 ranks of specialists. The “Core” list is fixed and cannot be altered during the event.

The “Options” at the Skirmish level allow you to choose twice from either 3 more ranks of infantry or 1 more rank of specialists. For example, you could select 6 additional ranks of infantry, 2 additional ranks of specialists or 3 infantry and 1 specialist. The Conquest of Kings rules allow you to have two set of Options that are added to your Core list each game. For example, your option one might be 2 more ranks of specialists, while option two might be 3 more infantry and 1 specialist. During the pre-game, you will add either option one or option two to your core list.

The event will be a Skirmish level event, as follows:
Leadership Values
Leadership (5)
Commander Leadership (7)

Army Organization
Leader (Must select one as a Commander)
x3 Rank 1 Leaders

x18 Rank 1 Infantry

x2 Rank 1 Specialist

Options [x2]
x3 Rank 1 Infantry
x1 Rank 1 Specialist.

All players will need to bring any materials need to play. (models, dice, tape measure, templates, rules, cards, motivation references, etc).

Models need not be painted, but you are strongly encouraged to play a fully painted force.

• 1st place
• 2nd place
• 3rd place
• A raffle for fully painted armies
• Best Painted model (as determined by the TO)